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Life As We Know It.
Life As We Know It.

© Saina Takkar


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Isn't the word too small to describe what it actually is?

It indeed is!

Life is that essence of freedom which we feel when cold air brushes up against our face.

When you are struggling through your darkest of shadows to find your own frown,

When you fall and a string pulls you back,

When you are crying, your tears freeze swifter than the air and your jaw is stretched to keep that smile,

When you lean to pick up something and it disappears,

When you smile and somebody lays a bed full of thorns for you,

When you run and slope continues to get steeper,

It is when you are knocked down and somebody sets you on fire.

When you are damned and a soul carries you in a blissful place,

It is when you choose to fly and you are caged,  

It is that state when you choose the road not taken.

It will take us somewhere we should be but we refuse to go with it.

It is that instance when all seasons become spring?

It is when you feel the love while you are breathing?

It is when you think you should grow and accept it and you struggle through the inner instincts and run to catch that one flying kite.

It is when you catch it, you open your cage and you are flying. 

It is when you lose someone you called your 'life'.

Life is the balance between holding on and letting go.

Life isn't a word, it is a story which will always narrate a new stance.


#life #everyone's story.

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