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roshni k.r



roshni k.r


Far From The Terror Grounds

Far From The Terror Grounds

2 mins 307 2 mins 307

I grieve for the countries where terrorism befalls,

Those tears by the people are shared by us all.

Such heinous objectives we can’t reconcile,

Oh! The innocents taken, destroyed by the vile.

Such actions only increase my resolve,

To rid us of terror and hatred dissolve.

A superpower that I can behold,

Should be the one that can change this world.

Love and peace are the agendas on hand,

I be my Superhero and ready to land.

Upon my mind all pressures grow thin,

As feelings of hope are strengthened within.

I have a dream, the world be a team,

With peace and love for all.

I will remove all animosities,

To any race or minorities.

Life on earth should be a peaceful kind,

Without any thoughts of war in the mind.

I begin my power by seeking solution,

To prevent all terrorism and revolution.

To bring a change I want to see,

A better world for you and me.

A place where children can roam free,

And make things how they used to be.

All thoughts of hate and war will vanish,

And violence I will forever banish.

Wherever there is darkness and pain,

I’ll take the tears and make joy rain!

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