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roshni k.r


Rise Of The Digi-World

Rise Of The Digi-World

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How does technology make the world a better place ?

I will tell you if you can keep up pace.

At first we were awed by a simple light,

Then a space shuttle taking off into the night.

A man from the bushes has come a long way,

To be led by gadgets paving his way.

Knowledge at the click of a button,

Online payments; cash forgotten!

No more queues or battling corruption,

Free and fair practices brought by digitization.

Young and old will benefit alike,

By technology and its might!

With the click of a mouse I outsource my work,

Through countless reviews I search for my perk.

All my online orders have punctually arrived,

My ancestors were truly technology deprived!

Now as most of our work is computerized,

Credit cards, debit cards and passwords memorized.

Paying bills of phone, gas or electricity,

Subscription, fee or tax of an authority.

What are the activities in the world today,

Sitting in India I know.

Digital media is working for me,

To make the information flow.

Progress of digital technology

How it has changed our lives.

Within seconds we come to know,

All about the world that thrives!

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