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Shabbir Beguwala

Inspirational Others


Shabbir Beguwala

Inspirational Others

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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As 2020 bids adieu,

Let’s reflect on what did it do.

The pandemic spread to every nook;

Took the world’s economy off the hook.

And still the virus is hard to rein;

Now they say there’s a new strain!

A tumultuous year it has been;

Such trauma one has never seen.

In all this mayhem, God has been kind.

His protective hand has been well aligned.

Thank Him, if you stay fit and fine;

Had work to do and food to dine.

Thank Him, if you could, another’s burden ease;

Helped a neighbor and got some peace.

Thank Him, if, with family, you spent quality time,

Got closer to each other in love sublime.

As we step out from the old into the New,

Just forget, what did not work for you.

Let’s move forward, with a positive hue

And take on Life, as if it is fresh as dew!


The path, we tread now, was walked on before,

By many others who made history and lore,

Show all your failures the door,

Leave an imprint, with your best to the fore!

Let us be humble in what we do; 

And take care of the less privileged few, 

What was not achieved, do not despair;

Live today with zest and flair, 

‘Cause the ‘morrow holds another hope;

And each problem holds a lesson to cope with.


A moment for those who’ve bid goodbye,

Let’s remember them; but not with a sigh.

May God bless us with robust health,

And supplement it with lots of wealth.

May God bless all with peace of mind, 

May joy and happiness we always find, 

Whatever the circumstance and travail;

May peace, love, and brotherhood prevail.

As we embark on 2021,

Let’s throw out nonessential numbers like age and weight.

Keep only cheerful friends; the grouches pull us down.

Let’s keep learning.

Let’s enjoy the simple things in life.

Laugh often, long and loud till we gasp for breath.

Let the tears happen... endure, grieve, and move on. 

The only person who remains with us the entire life is our own self.

Let’s surround ourselves with what we love, 

Our Family comes first. 

Let’s cherish our health. If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it and if required get help.

Let’s not take guilt trips.

Let’s tell the people we love, that we love them. Remember - Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


Live simply, Care deeply, Speak kindly..... 

And leave the rest to God

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