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The Unheard Melody Of The Rose
The Unheard Melody Of The Rose

© Kristine Amna

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The Rose Bud is dying

Dying from drought and rain

No sunshine to keep it warm

Nothing to thaw its frozen pain

Time was quick

Fate brought you to me

And Fate lead us apart

Now, I am frozen and torn

Without my sunshine

Without you in my heart

Will I ever see you again?

Will our smile bring warmth?

Will your smile be strong enough

To thaw this frozen heart?

But just like how the Rose Bud Falls-

Fast, sudden, and free

This love of mine

Will be gone

And you won't have to leave me

It will end before you do

For this world could never bring

A girl like me to you

You're meant for another

Now, what am I meant to do?

Am I meant to chase dreams

To chase but never to realize

To see but never to hold

Am I meant for the start, never for the end?

What path must I take,

The one that leads to the end

Or the one that leads to the unknown

What do I fear?

Is it my ideals to be met,

Or is it to know what is real?

The past must be forgotten

It is the trick to hold on

While the future must be hoped for

And not to be anxious for

The present - always neglected and rejected

Should be accepted and embraced

For what is to come is yet to come

And what had come had already gone

What has come is here

Heart, mind consolidate and embrace what is here!

The rosebud that died

Could not be brought to life

Like a stolen good, it's out of sight

Another seedling is sprouting from the ground

The present is all to be found

Heart, mind guard the seedling

Be your own sunshine and rain

You alone can thaw your frozen pain

life past hope anxiety future prest

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