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Sonal Singh



Sonal Singh


Reflections in life

Reflections in life

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My reflections in the pool of life beckoned to me today.

They implored me to come sit, cajoled and coaxed me to stay.

Happily I perched on a boulder that I spied ashore.

I knew this awakening, my tired soul wanted for sure.

I sat there in calm surrender, breathing all in one sweep.

Then I picked up a stone and cast it, into the water deep.

The ripples that it caused were reminiscent of some memory,

That came crashing back now became a part of my reality.

In the iridescent swell of the ripples, I saw ribbons of my life flash

And in that very moment, I felt my past and present clash.

I closed my eyes then to the remembrance; out came my sigh’s.

I saw even then, a vivid imagery play before my closed eyes.

With a resounding clap like thunder, I knew deep in my senses

That I must arise and go now, go and atone for my offences.

To anyone whom I hurt, caused any harm; my apologies sincere!

From here on I’ll ensure goodness so that my reflections, I can bear.

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