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Divya B c

Drama Inspirational

Imprints of life

Imprints of life

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Not knowing what lies ahead,

I began walking across the woods..

It was dark and deep,

with shades of sunshine

And cool breeze..

There's no path ahead

and only dry leaves.

A mystical land of

green treasure with

the melody of birds

And voice of animals..

I'd keep running to trace

a path and find some way out.

Far across amidst the

valley, from a distance

was a waterfall like a

Magical fountain!

Whatever road life takes us along,

We cannot go ahead with an empty hand.

The marks, scars, wounds, dust and imprints,

Fades away slowly and washes it off..

As you move forward; what lies ahead,

will shower you with happiness..

that you'll never forget

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