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Yellow Ball Part 2

Yellow Ball Part 2

3 mins

Three tiring nights, seventy-two hours, Deepti had been running up, and down the hospital stairs. Blood test, CSF test, and MRI, and God knows how many more were to be undertaken. Both Dev and Ved's fevers were not settling. Deepti during the times of COVID- 19 had been roaming in hospital. But something within her mindset had been pricking, that if someone had done black magic on her kids then there would be an antidote for it.

 All the city temples were closed, even her colonies Pandit had gone to Vrindavan. Who to ask for help? She kept on praying, and suddenly, she remembered that she had fed her Pandits telephone number on her mobile. She kept on calling Panditji and after numerous calls, Panditji picked her call.

She narrated the whole story to Panditji and then the great sage after a long pause said a word of advice. " I will be sending two tabeej, tie it on your kids' wrist.... and be alert at night ". 

In the evening a man with a long beard, wearing orange dhoti came to the hospital and handed Deepti two tabeej and just said, "Beta, don't sleep tonight ." A mom's heart was pounding badly as she tied the tabeej on her kids' wrist and waited for the night to pass.

The wall clock tik-toked. Hours were passing slowly, as the clock struck three both Dev and Ved vomited simultaneously. The hospital staff rushed to give them medication, but Deepti quietly kept on praying.  

Early morning at six as the sun shown in the sky again, her kids vomited and this time they vomited black fibers. The hospital staff was in shock to see the black residue in the vomit. The doctor in charge asked the laboratory to test the black residue. But Deepti at that time called Panditji and said what has happened. Panditji answered back,'Now go and relax your kids would be fine."

Suddenly the kids started feeling better. Doctors were surprised in their recovery. Dev's CSF test was again conducted and the reports showed that he was normal. After a week's medication, both the kids were discharged and the lab test of the black residue which the kids vomited, couldn't identify what the fiber exactly was.

After a few days when Deepti took her kids for a general check-up, their pediatrician said:

"I have seen many miracles in my line. But this was exceptional, this showed that there is God in this world who operates us and about that that black vomit residue none of the laboratories could identify what it exactly was."

Deepti told about the yellow ball and about the tabeej to the doctor, and he was in a shock. He said, "I believe in it, but in a well-educated system who would do this?" 

A long silence prevailed in the room, and Deepti said, "Mom instinct would find the culprit and screw out from his body his lemonade!" 

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