Sangeeta Naik

Drama Tragedy


Sangeeta Naik

Drama Tragedy

Worried souls of Shaheen Bagh

Worried souls of Shaheen Bagh

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She is no more silent. She was worried about the trillions wasted. She understood it roughly as a lot of money which could have set up an industry producing thousands of jobs, her son being a beneficiary.

Life has been a struggle, always a meagre story, stretching to make ends meet. The hope was to educate the boys enough so that they can leave the daily wage labour to have some desk job. That way she can get rid of the drinking habit that gets into every labourer to withstand body pain, as her husband and his friends.

She did the vegetable vending, and odd jobs of a maidservant. She would have enjoyed life except for the habitual drinking habits of the male she had to withstand. Even her father did so.

But she heard from the neighbouring ladies that jobs have been disappearing because the country is in a dire state. She had seen the long queues of demonetization and the cash crunch that time. But she expected to get Rs.15 lakh in her account in lieu of that; although it did appear as a wild dream. But everybody talked.

It has been nearly 2 years. She was upset. Everybody seemed to be upset as the onion price shoot up. She knew for sure that things are not okay. Then she heard there has been an act with which she could become homeless because she was a Muslim, but her Hindu friends also looked worried. They heard that the money was given to a few rich. The little that is left, is now being wasted in trifle things like a new controversial act.

She was feeling lost. Even the men, appeared clueless even after gulping down a full bottle. She knew that this desperation soon will capture her sons. So she joined the group which went to Shaheen bagh to sit on protest. In the morning she brought vegetables to the 20 families she supplied daily green, and washed utensils at few others, even her landladies came to sit at the protest. The same women, who used to rancour at a little delay of hers, appear okay with the timing she had chosen. She wondered if their reason was the same as hers.

Why the women had to suffer if the country undergoes bad time? Why the rulers do not seem to understand the plight of women who are in charge of running a household? This time, she hears that women are more and more unsafe. She wondered why the old sadhus are getting into misbehaving the girls and the women. Maybe Kalyug - she thought.

And she has been there for the last 30 days. Her worry has been shared by many others. She does not understand if the worries have been increasing day by day because they talk about different things every other day. People have been killed and their property have been ransacked, and girls were raped. She shuddered when she heard about all these.

She continues to sit. The people who are responsible must have been from good families to have reached such positions. What more will they get if the little assets of the poor get snatched? All these are beyond her logic. Although few elderly ladies have been vehemently protesting about the possible rootlessness, her worries go even beyond all that.

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