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Sangya Nagpal

Drama Tragedy Crime


Sangya Nagpal

Drama Tragedy Crime

Willful Neglect

Willful Neglect

4 mins 330 4 mins 330

"Ma'am tell us what happened to you last night? Who has given you poison? Who wants to kill you? Please co-operate with us. We'll find the criminal."These words were echoing in her ears as she was trying to open her eyes.

"What! Poison ? who can give me poison? And Neha became unconscious again. Police inspector Ajay turned towards Atul (Neha's husband) and said ,"I'll find the criminal definitely. I won't let him go."

 "I'm telling you, inspector. Atul has given poison to her. Arrest him."

"We can arrest him only after your daughter's statement. You don't worry. If he has done this, he'll not be spared."Ajay left after saying this.

Neha was not unconscious at that time. She wanted to remember the incident of last night. Atul had almost slept after drinking. She kept a glass of milk on the table for Atul and went to washroom. When she came back,Atul was slept so she picked glass of milk and went to living room. Rahul (her son) went to his friend's home next to their house by saying that today he is going to sleep there after completing his project. Atul has slept and Rahul was out then who did this and when?

She was thinking and thinking . Suddenly she opened her eyes and shouted ,"Rahul! Where is Rahul?"Her mother came running ,"Neha, are you all right ?"

"I'm okay mom, Where is Rahul? Who brought me here?"Neha said


Mom replied,"He was crying bitterly. So I send him home with his friend. Rahul and his friend brought you here at midnight."

"Oh! Did Rahul give me poison? How did he come to know about me at midnight? No! no! How can he do it? Then Atul, but he slept after drinking too much. Then who did this?"

Her mind was about to burst. Rahul came and started crying bitterly,"Mom! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Rahul, but you were at your friend's house. Then how did you come to know about me at midnight?"

"Mom! I had forgotten my phone. I came back to pick up the phone. I saw you were lying on the floor and holding your neck. I got frightened. I called my friend and we brought you here."

One thing Neha noticed that Rahul was saying this with his head down. She asked her mom to bring some water. When her mother went out she asked, "Rahul tell me the truth. Police is about to come. Have you done this?"

"Mom! save me please. I wanted to kill dad, not you. I don't know how it happened? please save me."Rahul begged.

"What! You did this."It was Ajay, the inspector. Atul and Neha's mom both were surprised.

"Will you explain why you did so. Speak truth,only truth."Ajay asked.

"I was fed up from their quarrel. Each and every day papa drinks and quarrel with mom. Sometimes he beats mom. Mom cries and apply ointment on her wounds. In the morning she covers her face scars with makeup and starts her daily routine. At night again same things happen. I was unable to bear this. It was unbearable for me to see mom crying everyday. I want to make her life smooth. So I wanted to kill papa."Rahul spoke all this in a minute.

Neha and Atul were listening all this with open mouth."How did you plan this?"Ajay asked.

Mom used to take a sleeping pill at night. I brought these pills for mom. Yesterday I bought a new bottle of pills. Chemist knows me so he gave me without asking any question. When mom went to washroom, I mixed all the pills in dad's milk and went to my friend. I wanted to check so I asked my friend that I'm going to take my phone. When I came back. I saw mom lying on the floor. I called my friend and brought mom here. I don't want to do this. But I want to stop all this. I have been suffering from all for years. ."Rahul was crying.

Atul and Neha were stunned. They were not able to say anything.

Rahul was sent to a counsellor. After a few sessions Rahul was feeling better.

  A child's heart is soft. Sometimes parents forget about the child while quarrelling. It was Neha's luck that she escaped but what if she had died. A child would have been turned to a murderer, a criminal.

Avoid quarrelling before kids. Let the buds bloom into flower, not into thorns.

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