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Why Do Kangaroos Hop?

Why Do Kangaroos Hop?

2 mins

“Mama, why do kangaroo's hop? Why don't we run, or walk, or slide on our bellies?” Kip bounced his tail up and down on the red dirt.

“We're kangaroos. That's what we do. We leap through the air. I've never heard of a kangaroo running, or walking, or sliding on their bellies. Snakes do that,” Mama said

Kip hopped off. “I'm going to the billabong, Mama. I want to play with my friends.” When he got to the pond, he saw his friend Kimmy Koala. “Kimmy, do you hop?”

The Koala pulled a eucalyptus leaf out of her mouth. “I don't hop. I don't even run. I climb trees and sit here eating.”

Kip saw his friend Cedric Crocodile swimming in the water. “Cedric, do you hop?”

The croc swam up to the side of the billabong. “Of course not. I swim. I can walk, but I don't run and I do not hop.”

“Why not?”

“Because that's the way crocodiles are. We swim and eat fish.” Cedric slid back under the water.

Danny Dingo ran over to the edge of the billabong to have a drink.

“Danny, do you hop?” Kip looked at his friend.

The dingo barked. “No. I run and I walk. I can swim if I have to. I can't fly and I don't hop.”

“Oh. Why not?”

“Because that's the way dingo's are.” Danny ran off.

Kip looked at his reflection in the water. He saw Kara Kookaburra and turned. “Hi Kara. Do you hop?”

The bird laughed her head off. “Of course I don't. I could, I suppose, but mostly I fly. I'm a kookaburra and that's what I do.” She flew off, heading for the sandstone rock in the distance.

Kip thought about all his friends. “None of them hop. Only kangaroos can hop. That's cool.” He jumped as high as he could. “None of them can do that. I'm special.” He pushed with his legs and hopped all the way home. “Mama, I can hop. Dingos can't hop. Crocodiles can't hop; neither can koalas and kookaburras.”

“That's right, Kip. Are you happy about that now?” His mama smiled at him.

“I'm happy that I'm a kangaroo and can hop all over the place. I can hop as high as I want. I'm glad.” Kip spent the rest of the day hopping about the bush, enjoying being a simple kangaroo.

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