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Udhbhavi Arora

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Who is more Wealthy?

Who is more Wealthy?

3 mins

Once lived a man named Sheakher with his wife Sunita and kid Rohan. Rohan was very kind natured and gave all he has no matter how poor he was.

The king and queen of that kingdom had a child named Prince James. Prince James was rude from the very start, but his parents thought that he was young, so did not know anything and there was no use of teaching him now. 

When it was time for school, the king and queen send him to the best school in the kingdom named " Raged." The school provided a lot of information, and the fees were also not much, so Rohan's parents were able to send him to the school. 

The first day at school...........

Teacher- Goodmorning students, my name is Anita, and I am your teacher. First, we are going to have an intro.

In the first row, there was James and Rohan were in the 3rd row. 

James- I am James. I am the prince of the kingdom. I am the best at everything. Ma'am when you give group tasks, please do not put me in a group. I can do everything on my own. 

Anita the teacher- James, such an overconfident boy

James- Excuse me, mam, stop saying that! I will tell my dad; the king.

Anita ignored him, and a couple of kids gave their introduction.

Anita, the teacher- Now it's your chance, Rohan.

Rohan- Hello, friends and teacher, My name is Rohan. I like playing soccer, making friends and learning new things.

The day went well.

Some days past, and James was still mean, rude and overconfident. On the other hand, Rohan was friendly, had good academic records and a lot of friends like John, Jack, Jenny, Rahul and Rita.

Years past and it was the time for choosing the school president, the rules were-

From every class, five children have to be there. Two will be chosen2 X 5= 10So in total, there will be ten candidatesOne will become the president. Ethan, Dorothy, James, Rahul and Jonathan were the five from Miss. Anita's class. 

From those 5 Rohan and James were chosen. Their opponents were Jill, Anya, Ananya, Ram, Sham, Risha, Kyra, Kyara. 

After some time the votes came out-

Jill -75 votes

Aanya- 50 votes

Ananya- 80 votes

Ram- 45 votes

Sham - 83 votes

Risha- 38 votes

Kyra- 25 votes

Kyara- 57 votes

Rohan- 87 votes

James- 97 votes

James got the most votes because he gave the students two chocolates, who all voted for him. He became the president, but when the teacher got to know that he cheated, James was expelled. The king became furious and closed the school.

After some years when both of them were old, Rohan had many friends, and they all loved him. On the other hand, James did not have any friends; nobody loved him because he was rude. But James had a lot of money, and Rohan had happiness.

Who is more wealthy? tell me in the comment box.

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