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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maruf Hasan

Abstract Tragedy Fantasy


Maruf Hasan

Abstract Tragedy Fantasy

What now? Story of Israel

What now? Story of Israel

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What now? I was bored with repetition. It is like doing the same thing every day what about if I write? I am a poor student with an empty pocket. So what? I want to be a writer. This is my life dream and I do not give a damn if people call me stupid for this. Why should I wait for someone's acceptance? I have storymirror on my side even if the whole world is against my dream. I went to my desk and sat on the chair and started typing the story of Israel at my second hand 

Lenovo laptop. Here you go


Prof David Daniel from the University of Hebrew called his PhD student Saron for a discussion in the afternoon time. For the last few days, there is a conflict going on between Palestinians and Israel soldiers.100 people died from the Palestinian side and few soldiers died on the Israel sides. This is not the new case at all since the last half of the century it is going on and it has been a boring topic in the 21st century now.

Saron is writing his thesis under David Daniel in the department of philosophy. He likes his professor since he is more open to discussing any issue at any time. Professors should be like this as Saron says at his heart. Prof Daniel has several degrees actually. He finished his first undergraduate in physics from MIT then he moved to a biology degree from the university of oxford then later he took his philosophy degree from Harvard university then he took his theology degree from Birmingham University and he took another degree in political science from Hebrew University. He did his master and PhD from Cambridge University before he joined the University of Hebrew Israel. He is 70 years old now but he looks very young and energetic at such an age. Each time Saron meets with his supervisor he feels like getting divine revelation from him. Today he has been called to discuss the Israel issue for the recent conflict in the month of Ramadan.

In the afternoon Saron met his supervisor and Prof David Daniel offered him for an afternoon walk. They used the Mercedes bench car to go to the area from where the whole of Israel can be seen. They parked the car in front of a park and walked towards the park and after half an hour they reached a restaurant. Both of them sat facing each other and besides the entire city of Jerusalem can be observed. It was evening around the corner and Prof Daniel sip from cup and asked “How is the test of the tea Saron?” Saron replied “It is lovely sir. I love this tea at this time”

Prof David Daniel smiled and looked at Jerusalem city. Saron noticed prof looks depressed. Saron asked “Prof… are you all right today?’

Prof replied, “I am all right Saron but I was thinking over the issue of Palestine and Israel conflict over the day and that’s why I called you to talk about the issue.”

Saron sip at his cup and put back the tea and said “Prof though our opinions have no value when it comes to peace issue for this place but may I know how would you solve this conflict from different perspectives? Or I would say from your life experience can you give some solutions from different perspectives?”

“Well good question you made and I am going to answer this question as long description from two points as I see. Let’s order some foods also. We can have some snacks while we talk.” 

Saron called the waiter and gave some order from the menu list for both of them.

The waiter returned with foods after few minutes.

Prof took some snacks and started his long descriptive answer.

“See Saron we are academicians and we have no hard power to change the world but we can have soft power by using our pen and paper. Unfortunately, 1000 articles and books have been published and had no use when it comes to the issue of Israel. Just look at the UN treaty and you can see the result. We Israelis did not give a shit to those treaties. We need land for our future generation and we keep on expanding by breaking all the UN treaties. Our presidents made clear statement already saying we belong to this land since our forefather Abraham lived here. We have 4000 years of history for this land and this is our land and we want to live in peace in this land but Muslims do not want us to live at our forefather’s land.

In fact, if you look at historical data this city belongs to nobody. Whoever has the power tried to control this land throughout the century. Several times after Mohammed, Muslim took over this land and then Christians took over this land. Salahuddin Ayyubid took over this land from Christian and now we took this land from Muslims. But we deserve more historically. Christianity and Islam are new religious faith compared to us. We are chosen sons of God and we have a long history over this land. We cannot simply hand over this land to anyone and we would protect this land from our last blood”

“But Prof from my point of view Abraham lived this place that does not mean this land belongs to him and he was not king either during his time and also the history of Israel tribe says they were slave of Ferroan in Egypt and over the time the way current Israel Jews claim them as something special but historically they are not more than slaves nation and with power, they feel like especial but in reality, even God did not like them during the time of Moses also for their disobedient and stubborn behaviour”

“True but we would talk about these matters next time”

Prof stopped for a while and took one sip of tea and had some snacks and started his speech

“From the point of view of Muslims, they indicated to masjid Aqsa as the third holiest place for the same like Judaism and Christianity. Palestinians use this sentiment to trick all the Muslims around the world to talk on behalf of them which is logical from their point of view. They do not want to conflict with Jews as they welcomed Jews when they first arrived at Jerusalem in mid of 19th century. When Nazi Germany killed these people, Muslim gave them a place to support; but after visiting their home, we claimed that this is our home which is an absurd claim for sure apparently.”

Prof again stopped for a while and took another sip of tea from the cup.

“Now we come to the Immanuel Kant who promoted the concept of United Nations. We have seen some countries are supporting Israel and some are supporting Palestine in the UN. We noticed few things over the years at the UN. The majority of the vetoes went on behalf of Palestinians and the minority went on behalf of Israel but these minorities are powerful nations in terms of economy and military technology. So, we can clearly see how you have no authority if you do not have economic and military power. This force is the secret behind the success in history to say some extent. This is not knowledge of justice and equality which lead the world rather this is the power that decides how to define subjective justice to support the powerful people in society only. This is not new, in fact, in history and it came from the ancient time of our ancestors. The world belongs to those who can fuck the world. Pardon me for my language. So, Immanuel Kant’s concept of the UN does not play a vital role when it comes to Israel and Palestine issue. Despite having so many legal documents Israel break all the treaty over the years.”

Prof took another sip of tea. Tea is about to finish. Saron asked Prof “Should I order another tea for you, Prof?” 

Prof gave a signal with his hand and eyes to Saron not to order tea.

“Now if we look at Hume’s philosophy, we can easily say to this war for justice is just opinions for each party since justice is not empirical evidence and values do not exist in reality. This is just a fight between two groups of devils as Richard Dawkins would comment perhaps.”


Prof paused for few seconds 

“now coming to the 2nd point of your question there could be different solutions from different perspectives. For example, If Hitler were here, he would order to kill all Jews regardless of women and children as I saw from history not considering justice for them.

For militant atheists they would perhaps use the gas, in the first place, to make all people unconscious people in Palestine and Israeli and make them move to a different city and changed the entire city into the desert. Religion is good for literature but not for devil acts like fighting each other. I guess Militant atheism would highly encourage those three faiths if they peacefully wanted to go there and worship. In fact, militant atheists would support building the place for worshipping as good art and made a place for international tourism. All faiths would live in peace and harmony as a result and not like Palestinians who use the sentiment of having masjid Aqsa and asking for their land back and tried to connect that as an act of being a martyr for religion. I can give a good example, say, 3 persons wanted to watch a football tournament from the back of wall illegally since they do not have money and 3 equal chairs were given and one can observe and other 2 men could not watch the game cause they are short in height and for the purpose of justice 3 people were given 3 different chairs depending on the person’s height and now everyone can watch the game from the wall and militant atheism came and say they both are doing illegal work since they did not get the ticket. Militant atheism wants to provide them money and enter the stadium and enjoy watching the game while shouting with joy for their favourite team. This concept came from Hellenistic world and from epicureans who believed we should appreciate and enjoy our life but obviously we would not discuss Huxley’s “New Brave World” today”. Prof smiled at Saron while he finished his last sentence and Saron also laughed inside but showed his smiley face at Prof.

“From our Jews perspective, we perhaps like to destroy masjid Aqsa and create a place for worship only for Jews and Christians since we have political affiliation with Christian countries and they are those countries, we can make them fool very easily and they often forget that we killed brutally to their idle character. Since we can always remind them of the sayings of Jesus “Give another chick if anyone slaps you” and who is better at slapping at the face of Jesus and educated followers of Jesus other than us?”

Prof and Saron laughed together and people from other tables seem to look at them.

“From the perspective of Muslims, perhaps, they could follow treaty of Hudaibia where prophet sacrificed his self-interest(self-dignity) for the sake of his God’s oneness. Arab countries can take all the Palestinians as their citizens; because Palestinians claim that this is the fight for masjid Aqsa; and if this is the main cause of conflict, and entirely the issue for all Muslims, then the battle is related to entire Muslims as a nation not with Palestinians only and, thus, the best solution would be perhaps since Israel is not interested to quit the land as claiming the land of their forefather Abraham, Muslims can make a treaty. For example, Muslims saying Masjid Aqsa should be open for tourist spots for all Muslims around the world and they can go and visit and pray there and this is very good business for Israel state as a whole and Christians also can do the same thing. This is how conflict can be dissolved very easily. In the 21st century, dying for a mosque is nothing but a waste of lives because ultimately young people do not go to places of worships even if you open for them. This case applies to Jews, christens, Muslims, Hindus and other religious faiths. All young generations are being educated with secular education and rarely interested to follow their forefather sentiments nowadays. In other words, all are addicted to porn videos and games and love relationship with girls and drugs instead of reading religious texts. Give them time to play games, watch videos, girls and drug and they will forget even who their parents are and what they are saying and they would automatically say my parents are just talking nonsense. Therefore, fighting for any place is just a waste of time, money, and lives (Does country exist as a spirit in reality? Why death for the country then? We create values by ourselves to live inside a country). Unfortunately, the leadership of Muslims are not good enough. I feel like the reason Quran mentioned why Jews were left behind due to arrogance and superiority and similar things are happening among Muslims nowadays. You can see how racist they are among themselves and sometimes I wonder how come God of Muhammad supports such racist and arrogant people. Look at Muhammad who behaved politely and lived like an ordinary slave of God till his death but if you look at the Muslims nowadays, they do not only act arrogant but also, they act like they are God of Muhammad’s God and God of Muhammad is entirely depending on the mercy of these so-called Muslims. Anyway, that’s not our concern”

“I have one interesting story to tell. I met one Arab student when I was studying at the University of Birmingham. I told the solution would be for the conflict in Israel…. “if I were in the power of any powerful country and I had the opportunity, I would use the weapon to help burst somehow the nuclear weapons of Israel and it would kill all the Palestinians and Jews and eradicated the entire city because they are causing trouble for humanity and this would be considered as self-destructive for them. The Arab student said, “But your approach is more destructive”. Then I replied “That’s true but this is the best possible way to wash up the history and no more conflict over the place” and he said, “maybe but these Abrahamic faith’s people are like ants and even if you killed all the ants and cleaned the place but honey still exists a bit, the new ants will come and occupy the place in future”. I thought over the issue later and thought only secular education, perhaps, is the best weapon to destroy their faith-based activities.”

Prof David Daniel finished his long speech and called the waiter for the bill but Saron requested not to pay the bill. The waiter came with the receipt and Saron paid the bill and said to the waiter “Keep the change”.

The waiter’s face becomes jolly with a smile and said: “Thank you so much sir …please come again”.

Prof David Daniel and Saron came out from Café and they heard the sound of a bombing in Gaza by the Israeli air force. They were rushing towards their Mercedes Benz car and suddenly out of nowhere Palestinian’s rocket came and fall onto them and both of them had no time to utter more sentences except “Alas! What a dreadful life!”

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