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Warrior (Chapter 2)

Warrior (Chapter 2)

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Ami was slowly learning how to battle with the demons inside her head, she was conquering anxiety a little more every day.

She was trying to be her own hero, stronger than ever. She never cried in front of someone no matter how many storms were prevailing in her soul. But deep inside she was desperately waiting for someone who could be all ears to her. She never wanted someone to fix her, she just wanted someone to be there for her while she conquers the demons within.

Her parents asked her if she really wanted to continue with her studies with her ongoing health issues.

She was scared to the core but she didn't give up.

She went to school with all the thoughts in the head , and fear in heart, but she started doing great at academics once again.

And it was an amazing kick start for her.

Anxiety and depression revealed the inner writer who was always there inside her.

When she couldn't express herself through crying and through sharing, she started penning down her emotions in the form of words.

But the best thing was, she never wrote how miserable she felt, she always wrote the exact opposite of whatever she was feeling, what she wanted to be, and that's how she turned from victim to heroin her writings and that started manifesting in her real life as well!

She wrote her own songs, the unique masterpieces, noticed by her school fellows and teachers, she started getting published in school magazines and those were happy moments for her!

And that's how a young writer started emerging, from the roots of her misery, a talent got revealed and she was making the best use of it!

And that's how she learned never to play victim game, instead of making something out of the pain life gives you.

And she didn't know how many talents were waiting to be revealed in the inner future.

To be continued...

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