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Kanishka Dabhi

Drama Romance Tragedy


Kanishka Dabhi

Drama Romance Tragedy

Waiting For You....

Waiting For You....

6 mins 157 6 mins 157

Gunjan took out her bag and went to that old tree like every day. Now her speed has slowed down, she could not run away as before because of her old age. It's her routine to go there to an old peepal tree every morning and evening. Greeting people on the way she reached there. It's her birthday. Like every year she wanted to celebrate it with her love although he's not physically present with her but his memories were her only companion. She took out a box from her bag and opened it. It contained his favourite laddoos which she made with her love. She shared them with the children playing there and their smile after eating made her happy too. She sat there for a while to remember the old memories.

She was 5 when she saw him for the first time. His name was Manpreet. He was the son of their new neighbor. Soon they became good friends. They roam together in the whole village and in the evening when they got tired after playing, they sat on this peepal tree. It's there favourite place where they play, rest, talk and fight. Whenever one of them fell ill, the other would pray for the one day and night. On his birthday she always brought his favourite laddoos from her home and he used to bring Mangoes by himself climbing the tree.

One day, they're enjoying a wedding with their families. They're sitting at corner and watching the rituals. Suddenly he said," I'll only marry you."

"Why?" Asked she.

"Because you are so nice to me and I only like you." Replied he.

"Yes, this is correct. Then I'll also marry to you only." She said while smiling.

"Promise?" Asked he.

"True promise." Replied she.

And they started laughing.

Years passed soon making their bond more stronger. After completing their respective works they meet at that peepal tree and spent time together. All festives, sad or bad moments spent together. But one day he had to leave for city for studies. It's an emotional moment for both but with the promise of returning back he left. After 2 years he came back. She's waiting for him at the peepal tree. She looked him in the army's uniform, but without reacting she hugged him.

"Will you leave again." She asked.

"I have to." He replied.

"You have to return at any cost, I don't know anything if you not then I'll jump from this tree." Said she.

"Are you stupid, if you again said such thing then I'll never come back." Said he.

And he put her hand on his mouth.

"I'll return this is my promise and then I'll ask uncle for your hand." He said.

"Really?" Asked she.

"Yess but you have to make laddoos for me." Said he.

"Sure." Replied she. And they laughed.

He returned after meeting with his parents and her.

Everyday she prayed for his goodwill. Her each day went in the fear of losing him.

After a year he came back and it gives her relief. As per his promise he talked about her to his family and they agreed about their marriage as they already wanted that. Their wedding was fixed next month. Both were happy. He bought a pair of anklets for her from his savings. But he got a message to return back as they had to go for a war. He told this to his family and promised to come back to wedding.

He called her at their place, the peepal tree. He wore her an anklet on only one foot. And promised her to return back with this another anklet.

Days passed, weeks passed but there is no information about him. The wedding day passed but he didn't come. This time she's in great tension. She went to temple everyday to pray for him. After some months there comes a letter stating that he's missing since the fight ended. There's no clue about him and they're searching for him. With the hope he would return one day, she always went to that peepal tree and after waiting there for some time she went to temple for prayer. Years passed, her parents forced her to marry someone else but she refused. One day her father told her that she had to marry the guy they chose at any cost otherwise she would not be their daughter anymore. Listening all these things she left her home. Her parents broke relation with her. She started living far from her parents house. She worked in others fields to earn for her livelihood. More years passed with the hope of his return but she never got any message regarding him. His parents thought he's died but she never accepted that thing.

She's 55 and still waiting for him. That one anklet was waiting for its partner.

A drop of tear rolled down from her eye and she returned back in reality. She wiped it and stood up to go to temple but someone hold her hand from back. She remembered the touch. There is a spark in her eyes. She turned back and was shocked. It's him her Manpreet. He's old like her wearing that old army uniform in which she saw her for the last time. She couldn't believe on her eyes. She started crying and was to fall but he holds her and hugged her. It was like a dream for her. Finally her only wish got fulfilled before her last breath. They remained silent for some time and only looked at eachother holding hands.

"You're still beautiful like my old Gunjan." Said he.

"You have become more handsome." Said she. And he laughed.

He made her sit and took out that another pair of anklet from his pocket. Finally both the pairs were completed.

"Where were you, why you came so late this time." Complained she.

"I was in your heart. I am sorry but I was doing my duty. On the last day of fight I lost somewhere due to wind storm. I was missing for 10 days. I myself don't know where am i. After 10 days I woke up and saw myself lost in a forest. Somehow I managed to escape from there and reached a small town. I made contact with my team and came to know that I'm in neighbouring country. It's difficult to escape from there and if they would have caught me then I wasn't alive anymore. At the same day their secret messenger died there. So they ordered me to remain there to give them necessary information. I remained there for many years and soon my worked end. I thought now I could reach to you but they caught me. I was locked and beaten. I was locked there for many years and then one day I escaped and reached Indian army camp. They recognised me. I was there for 2 months for medical and after that I reached here. I know it's your prayer that saved me always and made me return again to you. " Explained he.

"Now I won't let you go anywhere. Do you understand?" Said she crying.

"I'm not going anywhere. Now I'm with you always. And it's your birthday gift." Replied he wiping her tears.

"I need those mangoes which I never ate since you left." She said.

And he left searching for a mango tree. He found one and started climbing.

"Get down old man, now you can't do such things." Said she.

"No you don't know power of an army man. I can do everything. I'm not old you're old." Replied he and jump from the tree with mangoes. She holds him.

They sat near the peepal tree eating mangoes and laddoo.

Finally they're together forever.

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