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Deviprasath Arunachalam

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Deviprasath Arunachalam

Drama Fantasy Thriller



6 mins

  The black screen of the mobile phone suddenly lighted itself. It’s not a notification, which always does explain some love messages from her boyfriend like “today you look so hot babe…” and also it is not an email from certain job-related kinds of stuff from ‘LinkedIn’. 

Of course, it is also a message about the mobile phone that is doing its job as shutting down itself because of a lack of power. The mobile phone died after some rotation that took place over the screen. For a while, that mobile phone which is placed right to her is the only light source in this elevator. But now it is dark. Dark.

  The security told her about the service maintenance in the daytime. The other staff was rushed to their homes by time by showing their obedience and respectful manner to the boss and also to the security who informed them about the situation. Of course, they were happy to hear something like that. They treated the security well by offering their snacks to him and made their best to keep him happy for a while. But it was an activity of a low IQ person to treat the security well for this. What to do? In work like this, you have to work some extra time to maintain the best of you. You can’t enjoy the evening sessions with your family. That’s why they were describing themselves as mad people.

  But she is different from those guys in this office. ‘Phoenix robotics has so many freaks, and she is one of those. At that time, she went to the restroom to make up herself to look good for her boyfriend.

 OK, it’s nice about loving themselves. But they have to react depending on the situation. During service maintenance, all the electrical services will shut down after a fifteen minutes break. The time break is for the maintenance workers who working in this corporation to finish their last works before the shutdown. But what’s wrong with her? She came out from the restroom when the last one-minute left to begin the shutdown process.

Now, she was stuck into this ‘garbage and not updated’ lift. This is the real shit, bullshit, and whatever you’re thinking right now. The time is nine. Exactly, she spent her six hours into this garbage. But she is still alive. Yes, she is. The peculiar drops which are continuously popping out of her skin by spoiling her makeups. Yes, this could happen. Those salty waters running through her face from top her head. She is afraid of this situation, I think. That could make her sweat a lot. Those salty droplets sliding through her cheeks and drained on her t-shirt. Which is also almost get wet. Her tiny little nipples exposing out because of the wetness. 

She looks like get lost already. Like that mobile phone, her face also looks like almost dead. The black eyeliner in her both eyes was spoiled and will show a terrific look if power comes by now. But it’s not possible. She simply leaned her head on the sidewalls of this garbage lift. Suddenly she looked forward with a weird look. Some kind of tension is getting birth over her eyebrows and eyes. Her lips quirk. She looked around into these four walls and lifted her head upwards top right corner where the camera is sticking on the wall. The eye of the camera looking straight towards the left side of her. She goes on her feet and checked once again the camera still has life. No, there is not a single percent of chance and there is not visible red light. 

Of course, it also lost its life while the shutdown. 

She pushed herself towards the corner opposite from the eyes of the camera. She does still not trust the camera. She dismantled her shoes aside and slightly lifts her black skirt and sat on her back by spreading her legs apart. She peed. The liquid stayed still in the corner with no mobility. She stood up and took a deep breath. She seemed a little relaxed herself. Her face now looked brightly with none of those nasty droplets popping out. She managed her pony and lifted her head towards the ceiling of the lift. She could see an exhaust fan hanging by, closing a manhole like an exit. But she is not a woman who does some weird activities like breaking and climbing through the manhole like exit and getting a release from this mess which now contains pee. But she looked up and sighed largely. She moved her limbs towards the place where she sat before. 

  She opened her handbag and took a handkerchief out and made some touch up to her face to look good also in this dark as well as in this situation. Later, she took out a pen-like object and twisted that in anti-clockwise. She lifted that pen-like object to her dry lips and touched her lower lip and swiped it. Maybe it was red. The texture of her lips was better. But the smell is disgusting. How the hell she was wearing it? Maybe it could be a cheap cosmetics from a local shop. She packed up and stared through the glassy walls of this garbage lift. What a bad time. She could not see her mirror image and those freshly painted lips in those walls, because it was dark. 

What happened to her? She could call someone after some time about she was got stuck into this garbage. But why she didn’t respond and took any action on that. Perhaps she could call her boyfriend to rescue her from this shit. It’s disgusting. The smell of urine is nasty. It’s like, if you stay with it for a while, definitely you would reach the coma stage. But she is still and didn’t respond either. I think she lost her mind completely. 

  She closed her eyes slowly and her mind. 

  The power and her eyes were torched at the same time. She could feel her beautiful face visible on the wall and also that yellowish liquid which sprayed over the corner of the walls and also she could feel some difference around her. Yes, the lift is moving towards downward fast. It could hit the ground badly. But, she was not afraid of that. Later, after some seconds, an enormous crash landing sound came out from the corporation.

  She woke up and lit her side by bed lamp. She moved her arm to her chest to calm down herself and drank some water and stared towards the wall where the clock tics. It’s three. Suddenly she wore her slippers and went to the balcony and climbed up quickly. She has thrown her body outside and within seconds her body reached the land and shattered and loads of red-colored liquid covered her.

  “Ananya..? Ananya..?”

  She woke up with a dark excitement and loads of gasps came through her nostrils. She closed her face by her palms with fear. She is sitting on the chair in the office in front of her monitor. A hand fell on her shoulder from backward.

  “Ananya… what happened…? Ananya…?”

  No response. She has still kept her palms over her face with no reaction but shivering.

  “Ananya… are you okay…? It’s time. We should move out now. You know about service maintenance, right?”

  She stopped shivering and slowly realized her state. She took those sweating palms from her face causing no damages to her makeup face. She turned her sudden gaze towards him.

  “Aashish… am I here? Or…” he interrupted her and spoke. “What nonsense…?”

  She stood up on her heels and searched her colleagues who were gone home before her survey. She turned towards Aashish and raised her gaze slowly towards him.

  “What happened…?”

  “Nothing… you slept for a while and you may have some bad dreams I think. Our boss noticed you and informed me to pick you. He also tried to wake up you, but he can’t.”

  “Oh…” she said and smiled. The blood-red color over her lips shown some shyness mixed with her smile… 

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