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Payal Ruprella

Drama Tragedy Crime


Payal Ruprella

Drama Tragedy Crime

"Trust kindly, Love blindly."

"Trust kindly, Love blindly."

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Monsoon gives me chills but still I love it, and I am in the balcony, walking and watching him. He's sitting on the porch and probably playing Sudoku in the newspaper. I went down and shouted, get inside Gal. His name is Galeo, Galeo Hetch, 24 years old and he runs an orphanage. He's a loving, attractive, kind person. After completing his graduation, he didn't choose to be an employee rather he chose to help and get some gratification in life. He asked for ten more minutes so that he can complete his game. Meanwhile, I'm making soup for both of us because it is cold outside.

When he came inside, he seemed disturbed. He told me about the headline in the newspaper which he read, it was written, "A lady has ran from prison, be vigilant and don't welcome any guest at this hour as it's stormy weather, anyone can ask for help!" There weren't much details about her like what she had done, it appears that they just informed us. What happened next was hilarious, I saw the date on that paper, 1st June 2011 and I started laughing. Gal asked what's so funny in this? I told him about the date. Galeo has this habit of collecting newspapers and today accidentally he took the wrong one from the heap of papers. Its 1st June 2016. He said, "Merry, let's just eat?" Anyways I am Merry Satte, a tenant in this house and a very good pal of Gal. We started eating and there was a knock on the door and windows are Clattering, there's thunder, rain splashing and we went to open it and bam its a lady!! 

Scene 2~

There's is silence, only sound is of thunder. This lady has blue eyes, messy hairs and she has worn an orange jumpsuit (a prison uniform). Galeo is lost in the ocean and I am telling him to call 911 but instead he said, "come inside." Lady isn't saying anything, she's shivering as she's drenched completely in rain and said only one thing, "help". I loathe how these silly boys welcome an unwelcomed guest. Gal stop this, my temper is raising but he's isn't listening anything, these men! He gave his soup to that lady and asked for my clothes for her as if she's that one whom Gal is finding since years but is unsuccessful every time. I know Galeo since five years and we both are doing well in our lives, pretty cool partners we are! Now this lady has come to create problems. I went down with clothes, I saw Gal doing the things which he despises the most. Firstly, he don't like anyone to be in his "Trim trim" (its the name of his bungalow). Secondly, he preferr self service but here he's serving her. Oh Jesus. I am still suspicious about her but for gal's sake, I am treating her. After a lot of trials, finally she blurted her name, "Martha Heyr". After she ate and changed, Gal asked to keep her in my room, not only that he even told her to take the bed if she isn't comfortable with me. This raised my anger and here I quit, I told him to keep her with him, don't involve me in this you prat. These man try to impress a woman who's strange, I doubt what he saw in those blue eyes! Like no, I have met many women but I'll go for a mad one. As soon as she stepped towards his room, Gal told me to help him as he is in love with her, you know love at first sight! He's provoking me a lot to beat him like he was waiting for some moment like this to trouble me. It doesn't matter to me, I ain't in love with Gal. I began to speak and some voice came from his room, something fell and is probably broken.

Scene 3~

Gal told me to come and we both went to his room to see what that lady has done! As soon as we stepped in, I saw Gal and my photoframe is on the floor broken into pieces. And then I shouted on Martha but Gal asked me not to. I just said, screw you and left for my room and slept. I woke up, now that weekend is over we have to get back to work. I went down and saw three plates on table and holy shit, I almost forgot about that bitch, she's still here, more drama is yet to happen, brace yourself Merry! I asked Gal how's she and he said, "a bit better" and look she came down wearing my dress. She has worn a blue dress with open hairs and a band on it. "Fantastic ", Gal not again please, lets get breakfast done and go orphanage. Will she also come with us? "Yas", replied Gal. Now I have to deal with this. She didn't say much while eating and we three are at orphanage now. Its called, "Hags orphanage ", after Gal's father name, Hagsed Hetch. We introduced Martha to kids. They both tend to love each other and Gal was surprised to see this and I went for my work. I am the lecturer by profession and I help Galeo with paper work of orphanage. 

Scene 4~

This past month has changed a lots of stuffs. Gal got caretaker for Hag's as Martha agreed to work there and they're together now. Martha refused to talk about her past life and Gal has this quality, he don't force one to tell him everything. Even I didn't want to talk about my past life and Gal had told me, whenever you're ready you can talk, I am here always. There's one girl at Hag's named Ressa Hetch. Galeo had decided that every orphan will have same last name as 'Hetch'. They belong to him. And this impressed me. From the whole crew, she's the only child who hates me or likely see me as a culprit. She is 13 and can't speak. But she always tries to convey that suspicion to Galeo for me. There are times when we face crisis and some mess of work, Ressa seems to point me when something like this happens. I have told Galeo but he trust me. He has this faith in me since we have met. That bastard Martha will be here now all this time, poking. I agree she has affectionate nature but I want to know from where and how she came here? Galeo got me a present that night after dinner he gave it to me. It's frame only difference is its the three of us not two. Still I pretended that its mind blowing. Casually we were talking and I asked Martha how she got here? She refused at first but she started talking about herself on the condition that we both also have to tell more about our past lives so that we can know more about each other. She said, "I was searching a place for me."

Scene 5~

"Exactly if I'll say, I ran when I was doing my community service and then someone told me that your daughter is in nearby orphanage. I instantly ran from there, I know she can't speak so I directly asked them about the girl who can't speak but I failed. I almost visited three orphanages nearby and Hag's was my only chance I could take, so I went there but I got to know that the owner is not here bc it was around half past ten and raining heavily. But when he saw that its something important, he told me directions that lead me to your home. While running, I got flashes of past that made me sick and when I got here, I didn't expect you to welcome me like this. I wanted you to tell everything but couldn't bc likely I was not in that state of mind. I didn't had any place to go and glad you gave me a place and time to be stable. Everything happened so swiftly that I almost forgot my community service. I was a thief, I used to work at grocery store and from there I get some essentials for me without anyone knowing. I didn't have money for even my own home so I kept on changing it. This all happened after my groom's death. We would have been a family but probably nature didn't want this. He was dead before our marriage and I was pregnant. I had decided to abort that baby but I couldn't so I gave birth and got her into an orphanage. I couldn't do anything else. We both have left our native places and couldn't go back. Perhaps my fate took me here and I fell in love again with you Galeo. On the other day, when I saw Ressa is the only child who can't speak, I wasn't sure so I decided to wait and whatever happened you know. My crime was to be selfish. I only thought of me. I didn't want a tag of single parent. I cared about other people rather than my own child. Eventually I got that out of my mind but when it came back to me, I was stunned. Past finds its way back to you. No story can be left untold! I was wrong but I wasn't wrong at second place, as its purely my decision but this time, I decided to face it. Galeo please tell me more about Ressa. I want to be sure. Now its upto you Galeo to be with me or leave me. Your turn Galeo, tell me about yourself."

Scene 6~

I knew out of all people Gal will understand her. He said, "This must be entirely your decision Martha and by looking at the situation, whatever you did was correct, though your way wasmore or less not agreeable. And don't think after all this I'll stop loving you, this isn't going to happen. We are together and I'm assuring, I'll look after Ressa and then will both decide what we have to do, I do love you. Saying about my story, remember that attack of 2014, it took my parents, I survived beacuse I wasn't here, I was out for studies. It took months to clear the mess. I came back and lived in this Trim Trim. I was looking for some other small home bc its very difficult to live alone and without anyone, its just walls not a home but then I thought to keep a tenant as this home once beloned to my parents. I got Merry as my tenant who had helped me a lot at that time. I didn't know, I only wanted to help other children. Whenever you're in trouble, you get someone who helps you. For me, that helper was Merry. She gave me an idea of orphanage in order to help orphans. I thought of it and with some support, I opened Hag's. Children were transferred from Polo orphanage to Hag's bc there were some issues there and as long as I know Ressa was one of those kids. First year was mess. At some point, I also decided to close it. Do you remember Merry that someone had stolen the whole money?

Scene 7~

I still get flashes of the day when you had called 911 and handed me to them. Our journey ended the day when you caught me red-handed and your trust broke. I was dead at the moment when you said, "It felt right with you Merry, wasn't it?" I did deeds which I shouldn't have done but I can say I never stopped loving you Gal. By the time you'll finish reading this, I would have probably died. As you know I was convicted as murderer of lots of people and sentenced to death. My last wish was to describe the best time of my life and that was which I spent with you. You gave me a life which I had desired a long ago and that changed me. I want you to be happy with Martha. Maybe that's what density wants, this is all we have. I left that dark side of me after I met you, the time when I realized I too can love. But what's done is done, you can't undo it! My part of story is still remaining in these notes. Actually I got lost while writing and didn't see that my time has moreover come but I'll finish it. I don't even know you'll get this or not but I know this was the only way I could think of to redeem myself. My sin is unjustifiable but my love is viable. Just remember Gal, "Trust kindly, Love blindly". 

Coming back to what had happened, just the end of my good times.

Scene 8~

I was the one who had stolen the money. But that wasn't for me. When I tried to say no to my gang, they threatened to harm these children, so I had to do whatever they said. You know, Once you take the wrong boat, you have to sail in it unless you get the dock. Firstly, I was here for destruction. We all, I meant our gang had decided to find places for themselves to hide. As I was the one caught by the cops and then I ran away, it was all planned. Then I got you Galeo, the one who treated me with respect and love. And then I knew I have got my dock, I have to land here and give myself a new me who isn't a criminal. But what's started has to be finished, when I stole Ressa saw me and there were some incidents when she got suspicious about me, she isn't just a 13yrs old child, she has got brains. She even tried to tell you Gal but you didn't understand her actually nobody did except Martha. A mother can listen to her child even when the child isn't talking. That's what happened, she got Ressa and then whatever happened was my fortune. Moreover I changed, that's what you did Galeo. You gave 'me' back to me. I am sorry about your parents even. Accidentally I got you and consciously I lost you. You proved that 'Loves sees no age'. Out of blue, Martha entered and Ressa succeeded. I just want to sleep for good.


Martha and Galeo got married and adopted Ressa because they didn't want Ressa to know what her mother has gone through. She only knows that Martha and her relation is unique, somehow there's mutual understanding between them like they know each other since years. Galeo is upset about Merry and it still seems that he misses her presence every single day, his only partner when no one else was there.

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