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Trial And Error

Trial And Error

2 mins

I always wanted a Bollywood style of romance. Scenario where you meet a guy in a club and he offers to buy you a drink. Or maybe at a cafe where you’re sitting across from him.

Or at a library where you both are looking for the same book.

Or you bump into each other in a metro.

Or the classic, where he’s your childhood friend who realizes he’s in love with you.

But unfortunately non of these happened to me.

I’m the person who gets friendzoned every time. After sometime I realize that my knight in the shining armor is not going to walk up to me and confess his love so I have to go out there and find him myself.

Now I don’t really have a very happening social life where I meet new people everyday. So what’s the next best alternative one could find?

Yeah that’s right!

Dating Apps.

Dating Apps are the perfect example of trial and error method. You have to keep trying until you find the correct answer.

From there begin the journey of right swipes and coffee dates.

I went on innumerable dates to be honest. I almost ran out of cafes to go out on a date.

But I couldn’t connect to any of them. So I never met a person more than twice.

But this journey is amazing. I met some really interesting people, some crazy some weird.  

And It actually taught me that not everyone gets to experience the fairytale romance, it’s trial and error for most of us.

I’m still trying and I’m sure one day this trial and error will lead me to my correct answer.

But for the time being my equation remains unsolved and the journey continues. . . . . .

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