Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

AnjalI Butley



AnjalI Butley


Transformational 'I'

Transformational 'I'

3 mins

Who are you telling me to bring tea? Soma asked the person to whom he saw the first time at home in the last 5 years. 5 years before he started working with Mr. Pawar's house as a domestic worker. Only Mr. and Mrs. Pawar use to stay in this house. Madam, Mrs. Pawar never talked about any other family member.

All of a sudden this person at home Soma saw, and this person is asking him to bring tea...that's the reason he asked who are you telling me to bring tea?

I am Ramkrishna call me Ramki, son of your Boss Mr. Pawar. Do you forget that you are working in this house as a domestic worker? Or forgot that too. 

Ramki was shouting at Soma, first time Soma saw that in the house some is shouting... Soma kept quiet. Just smiled as he did not know how to reply back to Ramki, still, Soma said yes Dada, I will bring tea after his reply on who are you...

And the question to self ' Who I am?' to say no to him, Yes I am a domestic worker... Do not have any respect from anyone before... But Mr .and Mrs. Pawar treated him as their own Son, never given any order... 

Prior to this work, Soma was working in a hotel. Cleaning table, utensils. Was not have any status as such. Who I am?. Was the question in his mind for he was searching the answer. Not able to have one answer...

One day one Sadhu came to the hotel and told him, you are a rich person..! He just laughed... I am a rich person, who does not have his own house, no parents, working as a domestic worker...If I am rich then how I am  a poor person?

After some days he met Mr. and Mrs. Pawar, Mr. Pawar was our Hotel's Boss friend..came to request is there any boy from your hotel who can stay with us full day and do little work. yes, I can send Soma with you to stay at your house as a domestic worker..see there,  in that corner, a boy who is looking out from the window is Soma, nice boy, calm and cool. You can take him up with you! He is rich by his heart.

Mrs. Pawar asked him a few questions and said from tomorrow you come to our house along with your belongings.

The hotel boss was also a good person..he gave an Idea to me as Soma! you stay with them do work as Mrs. Pawar says! I am sure your life would change a lot... You will have your own identity!.. Once again I started thinking 'Who I am'. I am Soma working as Hotel domestic worker... Now going to stay with a rich family. Pawar family!!.....

Soma started staying with the Pawar family..he use to wear good clothes, eat good food... As he wanted to go to school, but could not able to go to school. Pawar family appointed one teacher who used to come home and taking his tuition.. He was a fluent English speaker, reading was not his cup of tea!

He use to call Mrs. Pawar Kaku. Kaku use to love him like her son. Just for namesake, he was a domestic worker.

He was praying god... Thank you! You changed my life!

Slowly, Soma started thinking about the change in his thinking... Observing ' I ' change. 

Ramki was the reason to think about transformational 'I'.

Soma requested Kaku, Can I leave this house now... to search myself further?

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