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AnjalI Butley

Children Stories Drama Tragedy


AnjalI Butley

Children Stories Drama Tragedy

Fun while watching TV

Fun while watching TV

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Today is world television day -21st November! Yes..

In eighty's, the first time heard about the television word.. Television's short form as TV... This is someting new for us as a middle class family.

In India 1982, the Asiad game was organized at Delhi.. On radio, lots of advertisement was there to know about the games. commentary to be briadcast on redio and full show coverage will be shown on television, national chanal Doordarshan.

I started buttering my father for purchasing TV, visiting electronic shops along with him is fun. Very few people was having television at their home. Who is having a television was having social status as 'Rich'

Somehow that year we not able to purchase a television. I become bit sad.. Have to see game at my friends house..

My father was not well, he said we will purchase it later..

What to do now... No other option, only day time for a hour I use to go to my friend's house..In small room we use to seat on ground and watch television...

After asiad games.. Also use to his house... Now it become as a habit to watch TV, see programs, pictures, News, instead of listening started watching.. Some educational program was also briadcasted...even in school we use talk about which program watched.. Which one like, who is the actor, actresses..

Slowly.. Started neglection school studies..the result of it.. Started getting less marks.. In maths received single digit..

Father scold.. Now do not watch that box.. Spoiling your studies..we will not purchase television now at home.. First you have to improve your studies..

No option... Stopped watching television... But use to ask my friend, which are the good programs is displaying, he use to explain in exagarated version of the program... But fun to listen it from him..he was a big story teller in our batch..

After few days.. I once again started going to watch television at his home..while watching programs, we started doing role play, all dailogs from the programs mugged-up..

In school drama program we both of us did small drama sriped by us and role played by us... It was very funny... All enjoyed a lot.. Lot of crativity yse to do after watching television, we have given one one character names to our friends and parents.. Enjoyed a lot eighty's television watching...

Now every 5-6 years new coloured television purchasing, 100 plus channels.. Just surfing it.. Not exactly watching... No more fun.. Just as a ritual to know the current afairs watching news... Some time cricket match..

It is just like a showpiece ... Hanging on the wall, slim trim... LCD 96" ... No one is there to give a company while watching any program, cinemas..

All channels are having their own youtube channel, some time watch the updates on mobile phone ..without any fun!!

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