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This Too Shall Pass!

This Too Shall Pass!

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"Never let a crisis go to waste." I have lived my whole life by this saying. I am a very good learner and I generally never make the same mistake again.

I think this lock-down period is helping us understand what decisions we must and must not take on an individual level. The government can give us directives and make rules, but there are times when we have to rely on ourselves for making the right decisions.

A few years back I trusted some people and I paid a huge price for it. But I must say I have learned my lessons well and I will never go back to them. I don't hold a grudge or resentment now, yet, I am no fool to include them in my life again.

For all I know, this time I will be backstabbed again. It's rightly said, "A burnt child dreads the fire."

I have also decided to not take anything from the situation that I have not rightfully earned through my hard work and efforts. After all, I know that I need to be fair. 

Whatever happens, I will not let people walk over me or force myself to tolerate the same people yet again when I have no intention of doing so.

I believe, above all, it is my moral imperative to take care of myself especially after having gone through the hell that I was put through.

I feel this wisdom that I have gained during the lock-down period like many others must not be kept restricted to this period. It needs to be implemented in everyday life. 

I am doing it. I hope you too are!

Until I write next,

Much love,


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