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The Yearning For Silence

The Yearning For Silence

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The angst and pain inside Heena could not find a better vent then indulging in her school books throughout her time at home. The constant fighting between her parents left her distraughtful and gloomy. The fight between her parents was beyond her apprehension. The little girl at times tried to understand why her Mumma and Papa were fighting but could not find a decisive reason for it.

The world of children especially young children is very fragile. Likewise, young girl Heena also lived in her delicate, sensitive world full of hopes and delight.

But the constant jarrings at home had shaken her small world of imagination. One day, Heena asked her mother, ‘ Mummy, why are you so unhappy with Papa? Why don’t you divorce him?’ The mother replied, ‘This family will be broken and your life shaken for the rest of your future.’

Adults live in this misconception that kids do not understand anything and that they are kids. But the reality is that the sensitivity of children is their greatest forte. It makes them understand their milieu and the people in their surroundings. Heena’s statement was a vindication of this fact. In fact, what she tried was not only to lessen the agony of her mother but also that of her own. However, her efforts were in vain.

Unfortunately, her mother also could not understand the turmoil going inside her child’s mind. The mother was so occupied with her own problems that she failed to understand the angst and sorrow of her own child. Even the father made no attempt to stop the fightings at home. 

The bickerings went on and on for years. Heena would close the doors and sit down on the ground with her ears closed when the fight started. What went on inside her mind nobody knew except for Heena.

 One fine day, when the mother woke up in the morning, she did not find Heena sleeping next to her. She started looking for her in the house. When Heen was nowhere to be found, her father was woken and apprised of the situation. Everything in the house was in its place except for Heena. The Doll of the house had left the house only never to return again.

Crying and weeping continued at home for some time only to be followed by a long period of silence. The bickerings had stopped and given way to an astonishing silence. Something which Heena had always wanted!

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