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The Story Of Baladin

The Story Of Baladin

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Baladin was a hardworking man who dearly looked after his family. His family consisted of his wife and two daughters—Meena and Neena. He was a doting father and a loving husband. Situations in life had made him a strong-willed person standing firm in the face of difficulties.

Baladin was a daily wage labourer who worked in a factory and his wife worked as a maid. He was educated till class 10th and his wife was educated till class 5. Baladin despite being less educated was a man of good qualities. Unlike the men of his social class, he never indulged in either smoking or drinking. In fact, he was a teetotaller.

Even though he was not educated well, he realized the importance of education. He got his two daughters enrolled in a government school. He ensured that his children got sufficient food to eat and concentrated on their studies.

How strange is human nature? Man desires for that thing which has eluded him in his lifetime and he tries to achieve this through his children. In this case, Baladin wanted his daughters to be educated nicely and lead a better life.

One day, Meena, the eldest daughter asked his father, ‘Pitaji, why did you not complete your schooling?’ On hearing this, Baladin got pensive. He reflected for a moment and said, ‘At times, life changes its priorities. One has to flow with the tide.’ Explaining this, Baladin said that he left his studies to earn some money to help his parents fight penury.

As a teenage boy, Baladin was soft-hearted and hardworking who commiserated with his parents. The daily wage he earned as a labourer helped somewhat to alleviate the poverty of his father’s household.

Meena felt proud of his father after listening to his predicament. He realized how compassionate his father is. And also realized the fact that his father wanted her and her sister to study and become educated human beings in their life.

Baladin’s wife Radha also shared similar views on life. She also looked after the needs of her children and ensured that they focused on their studies. Radha also ensured that her daughters kept company with good girls.

Both the parents looked after the needs of their children and felt happy about the fact that the girls obeyed them. Radha, earned over 10,000 a month by working in at least 6-8 households as a maid. With the passage of time, her health declined. She tried to hide this fact from her husband but was of no use.

One day at home, Radha was coughing incessantly in the night and Baladin woke up. He realized that something was wrong. He decided to take his wife to the doctor the next day. The doctor asked to get some tests done. After the tests were done, Radha was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She was heart-broken. Baladin was also tensed and contemplated the situation for long.

He requested the doctor to arrange for the medicines at a low cost so that he could afford them. Radha had to discontinue working for six months so that she could recover quickly. Baladin now had to shoulder the responsibility of the entire family including his wife (who was ill) single-handedly. Baladin was perturbed but did not lose heart.

He continued to toil hard day and night with grit determination to support his family. His wife understood his plight and said one day, ‘My burden has also come on you! You are left to fight all alone in this battlefield.’ To this Baladin replied, ‘I know you are saddened on seeing my situation. This phase of life will also pass and we will be happy again.’

Life always takes a test by presenting the individual numerous adversities in his life. As the individual overcomes these obstacles, he becomes a confident human being ready to become a fighter on the battlefield.

Likewise, Baladin having passed through the vicissitudes of his life had become a fighter by now. He ensured that his wife’s illness did not obstruct the schooling of his children. Meena and Neena fully cooperated with their parents and did not pose any problem for them. Meena cleared her class 10th exams with flying colours and Neena also secured a ranking in her 8th standard.

Baladin and his wife indeed withstood this test of time. It is not the class (ranking in society) which matters but the good qualities and moral behaviour inculcated in the individual which helps him sail through rough waters in life.

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