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The World is a Theater

The World is a Theater

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 There is a very beautiful village named KALABADIA, there lived a person named

 BANA SAMAL, was very poor. He used to do business and follow his family.  He had four daughters and one son named Ajay Kumar Samal.

 Suddenly sickness and paralysis occurred to BANA SAMAL, possibly woke up disabled.

 The mountains broke over on family, on mother and son.  The four daughters were already married.  The son is somehow working as a private company and the family used to feed.  In between the sister also had some support.

 Similarly four years were going on.  His pain and absence continued to be looked after. He died on Sunday. After the death of his father, a mountain of anxiety arose in his life.

 Sisters came running when they heard of their father's death.  Sisters begum to explain mother and brother.  Everyone is temporary.  There is no tomorrow.  Now we have to do worldly deeds.  Everything has to be arranged.

 Sisters are spending a lot of money on their father's work and also brother fulfilled the remaining requirements.

 After ninth karma, the tenth karma is going on.

 According to customs, the 11th karma is followed by the tenth karma where Brahmin food and fraternity food is given

 Which is most important.  In the 12th karma food is given to the caste families.

 The world is a sacred theater.  There will be births and great tribulations of death.

 You have to move on the path of action without worrying.

 Sisters are teaching brothers, which is

 love of an ideal event, and the wonderful

 Brother and sister, which is historic event.

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