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The White Lily

The White Lily

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He has returned after 6 years. He sat on the seat in the park with a beautiful white lily in his hands. Will she come today? And if she doesn't, then it shall be only him to be blamed. After all he left her alone in this world. Why did he take the decision of joining the Army in such a haste? He could have waited for few days for her to reply him back. But his male ego did not allow him. And he left her all alone. Though he knew very well how she had lost her father and brother as army men. The past haunted him and he sat there very much determined to seek 'sorry' for what he had done to her.

Twilight fell in, but she did not come. Suddenly the breeze set in and he started to feel cold. Two warm arms held him tight from behind. He felt so warm.

'Where have you been dear? I have been.waiting for you since long.' He heard her sweet voice.

'I am so sorry, please forgive me. I have come back and shall never leave you again.' He cried loudly with folded hands.

'I wish that day you had come. I sat with a white Lily to tell how much I loved you. But then I got a letter in braille that you have gone to join Army. You could learn braille for me, but couldn't you wait for my reply? I ran for you, but it was dark everywhere and a car hit me hard. You knew I was blind. Still you left me. I can never forgive you.' And the voice faded away.

He sat there crying and knew that he shall never be forgiven now.

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