2 mins

It was Holi. Just like past years, this Holi also she woke up early and closed all her doors and windows so that no one calls her for playing colours.

"This is not done Reema. For how long shall this go on. Every Holi you repeat the same story. I am now fed up" her mother said angrily.

Reema went inside the room and closed the door. She pretended as if she was not listening to anyone.

Just at that time the doorbell rang. But no one went to open it. The doorbell kept ringing continuously.

Reema's mother got irritated and went to open the door.

'Oh my God! You?? After so many years' her mother was shocked to see that person.

"Where the hell is Reema? What does she think of herself? Is this the way to behave?" and that person straight away went up to Reema's door and started knocking 'Bang Bang'

Reema shouted "who the hell is this"

And as she opened the door, the other person pulled her out and put colours on her face and hair.

"It has been 10 years bestie, are you still angry with me? I am so sorry for my behaviour. You know that Holi I was all dressed up in my gown to come to your home, but dad got an emergency call and we all flew to USA that night. My granny was serious and she was all alone. I could never call you, but the guilt of leaving you was in my heart. Come on, forgive me, I am back for you. Look at this photo. You remember, how we both used to hide in this big vessel during Holi from the big bhaiyas and didis? And we used to smile and laugh at them when they failed to trace us" that person bent down on her heels and was weeping.

Reema pulled a bucket full of water colour and poured on her. Her mother was laughing on seeing them and immediately took a picture of those smiling girls....

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