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Amita Arya

Abstract Fantasy Children


Amita Arya

Abstract Fantasy Children

The War of Colours

The War of Colours

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Once upon a time in the Zhangzhou province of China lived a very wise girl named Hue. Hue was born colour-blind. Even at the age of 6, she refused to go to school. Her parents did not find out she was colour blind because she loved to paint and painted the most colourful paintings. Hue's parents had travelled all over the world. Hue loved to hear about the history, geography, culture, fashions, cuisine, mythology and lifestyle of the various countries of the world. Hue saw the world in almost black, brown and white. But she had a very cheerful, colourful and happy personality.

She painted accurately but her colour scheme was strange. She painted pink elephants, yellow cats, purple rats and so on. She loved all the colours and played only with colours. In fact, she talked to all the colours as if they were her best friends. She told them about things that happened in different parts of the world- the cultures, good habits, religion and history of the different countries. and one day a strange incident happened with her. Her colours started talking to each other. They were not aware that Hue was listening to them and could understand everything they said.

Till that day, all the colours had lived happily together in her box. But they started fighting with each other. Each and every colour in her box believed they were more important than the other. The fight first started between red and green colour. According to Green it was more important than red. The fight spread to black, white, yellow, blue etc. They decided to fight with each other through debates and group discussions, song and dance competitions. Hue told them that she could understand what they were saying. They were happy that Hue could understand and wanted Hue to be the judge and they would accept whoever she declared as the winner. The colours could stop the speaker in less than a minute, if they could contradict any point of the speaker.

The problem with Hue being the judge was that, to her, most colours seemed the same. The colours first decided that they would have a popularity contest. Hue would organise a popularity contest and get votes. They held an election. But since it was a world wide contest, the result would be declared after a long time because people were given a one month duration to vote. The colours had no patience and again started fighting with each other. Each and every colour was confident that it was more important than the other. So they held a debate and asked Hue to chair the debate. The colours wore name tags and came on the stage (the cover of the box). They were given less than a minute to speak for them self.

Red said, " I am the colour of blood. Blood is life that flows in the body. All men and animals are alive because of me. I make people feel strong and energetic. My effect is so strong that people and animals feel alive. I am used for worship as vermillion in India. Married women, goddesses are decorated with me. Without me, life will stop."

Green scoffed and said, "I am the colour of life. The world exists because of green plants. All plants and animals are dependent on me. Because of me, the plants can use sunlight to prepare chlorophyll. The entire life on the planet- on land, mountains, underwater depends on me. If something, red is the colour of violence and hatred. Everywhere wherever there is bloodshed, we see that it is the effect of Red. It is the colour of death, war and hatred."

Blue said, "I am the colour of calm and peace. I am eternal and infinite. I am the sky and the sea. I am the colour of water and without me there would be no moon, planet, earth or life anywhere. I came before Green and Red. I think we should stop fighting. I am the colour of nobility and royalty. I am the colour of aristocrats. Many favourite Gods in India like Shiva and Krishna are named after my colour. I win."

White said, "Blue, you are not original. Water is colourless. If you want to colour it, it is white. So are the sky, sea and clouds. It's only dirt, mixing with other colours and dust that gives them a hue. I don't want to fight because I know I win. I am the colour of the soul, the spirit which gives life to everything. I am loved even as a complexion. Billions of dollars are spent to get a milky white complexion. The dove which symbolises peace is white. So I win. Peacefully. And I am actually made of seven colours. The rainbow and the prism, the dewdrops and the spectrum prove that I contain seven colours. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red exist because of me. I am seven times the winner. In fact, many of you are created using me. Pink is created using Red and me. So clearly, I am the winner. Name any colour and you will see it exists because of me. I am the colour of daylight."

Black said, "White you are very stupid. If something, you are least important. We know you try to contain all colours of the world. The world knows our history. If you contain seven colours, you are not a colour. You are a medium. If you are used to create colours, you are not pure. And when you are pure, you are of no use to anybody. If you are soul, what are you without the body? People still don't know. If something, you are a hypocrite. You change colours and yourself change as it suits you. I am pure. Nothing changes me. But I can change anything and anyone. I am the colour of most forests and night. Without me there wouldn't be a day. I am the reason the moon and stars come out of hiding. I make the stars, planets, meteors and satellites visible. I am the strongest colour. I am the true nature of people. Even I am worshipped as many Gods and Goddesses. In fact, the most powerful Hindu goddess Kali is named after me. My kind of magic is considered the strongest. I win."

Yellow said, "You are all wrong. Black, you are the colour of mourning and evil. Black magic is not  considered strongest. It is considered evil. You denote death, sorrow and mourning. I am the colour of the Sun, the sunlight, the pretty flowers and the forest bright. Everything revolves around the Sun. If not for sunlight, water, earth, sea and sky would not exist. The planet earth exists because of the Sun. Need I say more? I win."

Orange said, "Oh great! Who has seen the Sun only yellow in colour? Or the sky as only blue? We are all of different colours, properties and effects. I am the colour of heat and fire. It is fire which started civilization. It is heat which is needed to survive. I can start or destroy anything and everything. I am most powerful. It's my heat in the Sun which makes life possible. If I am angry, the world will end. "

The colours started fighting with each other once again. As they started fighting, the colours all over the world started fighting with each other too. The colours were all very angry with each other. Hue tried to calm them down. But the colours did not want to lose the war of words or the competition. There were many people in the world who were enjoying the fight. There were many money minded people who wanted the fight to continue. They advertised the fight and asked people of different races, religions, tribes, cultures, languages and ethnicity to support their favourite colour. Soon the fight became an organised and sponsored event. All the colours still listened to Hue and she could have stopped the fight but no one allowed her anywhere near the colours. Diverse people of different minorities and majorities collected in groups on the streets to fight with each other.

The sponsors were earning a lot of money so they did not want the colourful fight to end. Some gave the colours water, others gave the colours oil to fight with each other. But the children loved all the colours. They brought clothes and papers and stood in white clothes wherever the fights were taking place. The colours threw themselves at each other. Their anger, bitterness hatred and differences dissolved in oil and water. The children who were splashed with colours became colourful and looked like beautiful coloured angels and fairies. The children looked so colourful that it was difficult to know which tribe or religion they belonged to. The people of the world were confused. They could not attack the children. Even the most cruellest criminals, and sponsors did not want the war to turn into a bloodshed. Even Red did not want to win this way.

The fight stopped. The next day, everywhere on earth, beautiful patterns emerged on papers, clothes and walls. The world seemed rainbow coloured. The colours formed a Parliament of Colours and elected Hue as their President. They appointed Water and Oil as their ambassadors. They wanted the world to be at peace. Hue listened to all the colours and saw all the colourful events. Hue addressed them and decided she would represent them to the world if they listened to her. She said, "I listened carefully to whatever you all had to say. I will speak on your behalf if you all become friends with each other. The colours became friendly and mixed with each other. As a result many more colours emerged. They became beautiful patterns in the hands of Hue.

The next day Hue addressed the world of colours. Hue told the colours, "I am a colour-blind person. I don't see the world in black and white but I don't see you all as you are. We are not what we appear to others. The world is not what it seems. We are not what others think we are. We are not even what we think we are. But if we look at each other with hatred we will destroy ourselves and each other. Nothing will remain. Every colour is hue. The beauty and use of the colour lies in the property of the beholder. You are all confusing yourself with the objects that have your colour.

The Sun, blood, trees, leaves, water etc have their uses, properties and functions even if they are minus the colours. Yes, the green plants prepare food but the property of preparing the food is the property of the plant. It needs Sunlight and water. Water takes up any colour which is mixed in it. That is how you all become useful. The different shades and hues are personal and not universal. What each of you thinks is your opinion and belief. If you stick to it and do not love, respect and mix with each other you will end and so will your world. Look at how many million colours and patterns you all have created by mixing with each other and with the help of other children and things. So none of us are useful or beautiful in isolation. Together we are the rainbow and the dewdrop, the fire and the ice, the celebration and the mourning, the creators and the friends. Colour the world with love and joy, laughter and smiles. Together we are infinite and eternal, civilisation and culture, apart we are nothing. So let's add to each other and help each other multiply and diversify." The colours loved and obeyed Hue and they became friends forever. The people continued to fight.

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