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The Unknown Woman

The Unknown Woman

3 mins

Characters: Sanjay (the protagonist), the unknown woman, and officers( polices).

      Eleven at night. A beautiful woman is standing on the road lonely. Sanjay is returning home from the office by bike. When he comes close to the woman, she indicates him to stop. Sanjay stops his bike. Then the woman says---

 Unknown woman: Please help me. I was with my boyfriend on his bike. But suddenly the back tyre of the bike got punctured and he went to mend it. I have been waiting here for a long time and I can't find any bus or cab. So, please help me.

Sanjay: Oh really it's a great problem for you. But how can I help you now?

Unknown woman: Please help me to reach my home.

Sanjay: I can understand, but it is now 11 and you are a lonely girl. No one is here nearby. How can you believe me? And how can I believe you that you are not going to cheat me or you are not making a trap for me? Nowadays many unwanted incidents are occurring frequently.

Unknown woman: Please believe me I am not telling lie, I am helpless and I am believing you as you are looking honest, please help me.

Sanjay: OK. Then come with me.( He is a bit delighted having a beautiful girl on his bike, but he does not express anything in front of her)

.     The woman sits on his bike and places one hand on his shoulder. Sanjay starts his bike and moves. After sometime when he almost near his own house (the woman's residence is next to Sanjay's house) some cops stop them. The officer comes and says to Sanjay-

Officer: Are you not the son of the Bimal Babu?

 Sanjay: Yes officer.

Officer: Where are you going now and who is she?

Sanjay: I don't know her. She requested me to give her a pickup and that's why I am helping her to reach her home.

   Suddenly the woman gets down from the motorcycle and says to the officer-

Unknown woman: No no Sir, he is telling lie. He just forced me to come with him. I was not willing to go with him. Please help me, sir.

Officer: What is she telling Sanjay? You forced her to go with you and now you are telling lie to me. I knew you as a good guy. You are just spoiling your father's reputation.

Sanjay: Sir, believe me, I am not telling lie. She herself requested me to help her and she is denying now. I can't understand why she is doing this?

Officer: Shut up Sanjay. I don't want to listen to any word from you.

Sanjay: Ok. If you don't want to listen to me then I will not say anything. Now tell me what I will have to do. Will you take me to the police station?

Officer: Listen carefully, this is the first time you did this deed and that's why I am leaving you. Your father is also a reputed person. So I am not going to arrest you now. But remember and be careful if anything will happen next time like this I will not spare you. Now you can go.

  Sanjay starts his motorcycle and goes without saying anything. A meaningful look is exchanged between the unknown woman and the officer. 

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