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The Trainer (A Story of gratitude)

The Trainer (A Story of gratitude)

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I still remember that day when I was in class III or IV, I got 24 marks in English out of 25, in my school's monthly test examination. They had to cut my one mark as I had written Good-Gooder-Goodest in degree change. I was confident that I had written appropriately, therefore I had argued with my class teacher and came back home angrily. As soon as my father had come back home from the office, I had shown him my test paper and stated all that happened without wasting any time. Baba had tried to tell me about the mistake I had done, but I was pretty confident that I had written it correctly. My father was fed up with my arguments, therefore he had told me nothing more and waiting for the next morning.

The next morning, my elder sister's private tutor came, he taught her English and my father had sent me to him with my problem. Though I was so much afraid of my elder sister's teacher, even so, I gathered the courage to state the incident and show my test paper.

I and my elder sister call him uncle,('Kaku in Bengali). To calm down my inner turmoil Kaku told me, "yes, you are right by your logic, but there are some exceptions". That pleased me a lot that Kaku at least said I was right. To a student of class III or IV, it was like a pleasure of winning a battle. I was wandering in my mind while cracking this dreamy feeling Kaku said, "Bring your books and notebook here and from now I will teach you".

My parents got relieved by hearing this as they were in search of a strict private tutor for me, as I was a naughty girl and was banishing my tutors those days.

So, like this way it was started. But I was planning how to drive away my new tutor, therefore I tried many tricks like bursting a water balloon on his head, bursting a balloon full of glittery mica on his head, and so on. But I never succeed to do all these with him, that I had done with my previous tutors. Kaku perhaps understood everything but he enjoyed all that and he had never scolded me and my elder sister for that. Eventually, he had become my favorite teacher, I had started feeling comfortable stating my thoughts to him, and the teaching process is still going on.

Now, at the age of 27, when I am writing this, I can understand, that day was a blessing day for me, as a savior came to save this stubborn girl and guide her throughout her life. I don't know whether I am Kaku's worthy disciple or not, but he is my 'Dronacharya'. He had a lot of successful students who are all settled in their life, and I don't know what will be with me!

Kaku was never my English teacher only, rather he was preparing me to fight life's battle. He had taught me English literature, he had told me significant stories from mythology from any religion. He had recited Rabindranath Tagore's "Dussomoy", "Russia", "Karno Kunti sangbad", and many more poems many times in front of me. He had recited poetry of Nazrul Islam, Sukanta Bhattacharya, William Shakespeare, P.B. Shelley, John Keats, John Milton, and perhaps everyone's. He had taught me political science, some time he had taught me history, Sanskrit, mathematics. His teaching was beyond any formal teaching and he was always a replica of the world knowledge to me, still now. I can never understand how in a single life one can gather so much knowledge together! Besides that, he is a voracious reader I have ever seen, even now at the age of 60! He is a worthy writer, an educator indeed, a good reciter. His speeches can wake up one's warrior instincts. All in one he is an effective leader who leads his followers thoroughly and who also walks with his followers', experiences their journey, and not like a boss who just imposes everything. His life story always inspires me. He is himself a warrior of life.

I was used to hearing stories of great personalities from him and now I have understood all that he said, his sole purpose was to inspire me, to make me ready for the battlefield, to make me understand life's philosophy. All that he said I am still bearing and everything has a positive impact on my life. He had taught me to never leave the battlefield until it is over. Therefore I never leave anything in midway.

Most of the time I had gotten the highest marks in English. If I missed anytime from getting the highest marks for 1/2marks, I mourned. But Kaku never scolded me, rather he always appreciated me and I had seen faith in his eyes upon me that I will be succeeded. In this way, I completed my Post-graduation in English Literature, and Kaku always supported me by saying "I know you can do it". His trust in my abilities always helps me to go on.

When I was going through my teenage, he handled this time also so carefully. Like a mother, he always understood if my mind was diverting from the study, or if I am engaging in something else. He never embarrassed me by telling that "I know you are doing this, and don't do that..." Or something like that. But he always told significant stories and from those stories, I got that information about what wrong I was doing! Or what track I have to choose. As I always respect him so much, I never turned his single word without thinking it deeply. Now I can understand, how effective were those thought processes of me. Therefore, I never did anything wrong that will turn my parents' heads down.

No, I am not taking formal tuitions from him now, but I am always being guided by him. He leads me in my all way, whether it is life or study and I am always benefitted.

Perhaps Kaku knew this girl is going to suffer a lot throughout her life, as she is a little bit weird than others, who always choose to do those things that others don't dare to do. Therefore, Kaku was preparing me to stay mentally strong whatever will be happened.

When I was going through the worst situation in my life, death of my dear one, he had never exaggerated or tried to comfort me with fake soft words like others. He had commanded me "Sona, never open the closed letters". Yes, that's the word I wanted to hear. A warrior gets comfort by strong words, not by soft words or mourning. Those words stuck into my mind and I am trying to do that. Though I am still not able to fully obey these words but what those words have done to me, is, now I can deal with all my pains. 

No, I am not a scholar in English Literature, but all I can say I am bearing literature within me. I love to read and now I have become some sort of writer. And what more, I have become a worthy warrior who never quit, who never mourn, who never give up, who never get afraid to take risks if it is needed. He is not only my English tutor, who just strengthen my English grammatical knowledge, writing ability or understanding or reading ability, but he is my TRAINER, who had strengthen my mind, who had strengthened my willpower, who had trained me in each field so well that I can stand still even within the storm. Moreover, now at this age of 27, I can understand, he never tried to remove my stubborn nature and make me a meek and mild lady, rather he taught me to use my stubbornness for something good, or where it is actually needed.

And I believe William Blake's words that, "Without contraries is no progression.”

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