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Md Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational


Md Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational

The Teachers of Wrath

The Teachers of Wrath

9 mins

Principal put his hand in his Panjabi pocket and gave 600 taka in my hand.

‘Adam, keep this money for two days’ fare. The people are looking for me, I need to run away. Focus on study ’

‘ Ok…Sir’

Principal left the college. After half an hour, few men come in search of principal. Nobody found him. ‘One staff said he has run away. Why did you borrow money to him?’

‘Please do not ask such question. We know his sincerity. He sold all the lands for this college. Whatever he gets salary, all he spends for this college. All the debt he has only for this college. We know that he can never return such amount of money, but this would be hypocritical if we do not borrow him money if he asks from us, but this is our right to ask the money from him. That’s why we come’ One mad replied. Other men also starred at him and listened his reply.

‘ True… the man is very good man, but not sure why he is such crazy for education. As if he would sell entire Bangladesh in exchange of educating students. He even took loan from Bank with interest. He is Islamic. Why he does such crazy thing I also do not understand’ another man said.

‘ Few days ago he went to Dhaka to give money for this college to do some official staffs but some hijackers snatched his money on the way. He returned with empty pocket’ Another man told.

‘We do not get him today. He ran away in the morning already. Let’s go’ someone said.

They left college.

Few months later, Adam was being scolded by one teacher in front of principal for some reason.

‘ Do not be rude with this student. He would be BCS cadre one day and help our nation’ Principal told to the teacher.

The Alim examination period came in. The center for alim examination is far from Adam’s college though his principal tried to get the center at his college.

One girl told Adam in front of his other friends

‘ Adam is very selfish. He only cares about his interest’

They entered in examination Hall. Principal came to visit and said Adam with low voice.

‘ Adam, do not worry we gave bribe to upper level officers. You can write properly’ Principal left.

The teacher who is looking after Adam’s room is the teacher from previous institution and this teacher has ethical value as he is working with one Islamic organization. He looked at Adam and spoke.

‘ I am in this room. Give exam with comfort’

Time started for examination. Today is physics exam. The questions came Adam did not get any common , but the answer is with him in his pocket that he and his cousin cut from main book in the morning. He brought out his answer and teacher noticed. The other students did same thing. Teacher was so shocked and he does not have any word. During Dakhil, he never experienced such experience. Half hour went by. This is crazy the teacher was saying to other teacher from different college. In one hour time there came high ranking officers from outside to observe every single room. All students were warned to be careful. Adam has answers like one bundle. He has no time to hide. He put all the answers next to him where he was sitting. The officer entered and saw the teacher.

‘ Hey… I know you leader. If you are here, no copy and paste will be here. I trust you’ Officer said.

He came till the end of the room.

‘ If he caught me now, I will get expelled. My entire career would be gone. I have reputation in my village. I would lose all the honor. I will be pointed as dumb. All general school students think that getting good result from Madrasah is easy and they would laugh at me’ Adam was thinking and acted as if he is writing attentively with full of concentration. The officer came near Adam and paused for moments and look at Adam. Then, he looked at teacher and said.

‘ Well, I am not coming this room since you are taking care of this room’ Officer said with smile.

‘ Thank you Sir’ said my teacher. The officer left. Our teachers were silent. There are other rooms some students got caught for copying and they got expelled.

The news came to Adam’s room.

‘ I will never ever come to this kind of examination. My reputation would be gone due to you students. Astagfirullah.’ He looked at Adam ‘ What would you do with this corrupted result? What generousness you want to show? This is all fake’

( Adam remembered the actor Faruq's talk show and Faruq was talking about Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 's reply that we are allowing copying because there will come one day when our nation will really move forward from this but if we stop our students from education we can not excel and compete with our enemies in future)

Adam did not reply and he focused on answering questions.

' I gotta fight till my last breath for education even if the whole world hates and goes against me. I need to full fill my principal's dream. I need to go for my leader's dream. Fuck your reputation" Adam said to himself in his mind and kept on writing with more speed.


The exam period was over. 3 months went by. Adam is in Dhaka now working in garments.

Adam supervisor asks him to clean front part of the 10000 T-shirt with machine and handover to quality controllers. They did and they packed all the t-shirts. The next day the buyers came from Sri Lanka and they checked the product in the office. They found the inside shirt is not clean. Adam was called in the office. The In charge said ‘ What is this ? Why this is not cleaned inside? Who cleaned the shirt in the machine? ‘

‘ Only Adam’ Supervisor said from the side.

‘ I do not want this fucking product’ Buyer replied.

‘ Sir…Give me two days more. We will give the product day after tomorrow.’

‘ Ok, but this time it must be perfect’

‘ Sure Sir. I guarantee’

In charge asked supervisor and Adam to leave.

They came out from main office.

‘ Please do not mention my name Adam. Otherwise, I will have problem with my job. I should have put two person and T-shirt must be cleaned from upper side and from inside twice.

‘ Sure…. No worries Vai’

The report came in and 4000 workers got the news and looked at Adam as if he is guilty and they feel sorry for Adam as he just joined new. One girl said , ‘ in charge will beat you up now’

‘ It is okey … no worries’

In charge came in the worker’s floor.


‘ He looked at Adam and asked him to come forward’

Adam came forward.

In charge grab Adam’s collar and started to slap on the face


He pushed Adam while slapping. Adam fall down from standing. Adam noticed if he wishes he can fuck him up and start fighting, but he was thinking I gotta learn. He remained silent. The supervisor was standing next to us.

The in charge snatched Adam’s phone and kept on scolding and kicking Adam with his leg. Adam is like a football for the in charge.

Adam stood up again and there were no words.

In charge looked at 4000 workers and declared

‘ We gotta fucking delivery by tomorrow. No off day tonight. Do you understand fucking bastards’

He looked at Supervisor

‘ Hey …KHANKIR POLA…You put two person with that machine and make this work done. I will be checking whole process tonight. I would not go home as well tonight’


All started to walk back again.

It is 10:00 pm and Garment has 2-hour break for dinner.

Adam went to the in charge who is sitting in chair alone not going for break.

‘ Sorry Sir…I will be careful from next time. I did not understand that it would cause such effort…May I return my phone. I need to talk with my parents’


Adam took his phone back. They successfully delivery the shipment the very next day.

The Alim result came in. Adam got A+ in every subject. He was working in Garment. This is his last month to work here. His friends are doing coaching for university admission and they thought Adam was doing same thing as well. Adam left the job and Admitted to English Spoken Coaching Centre.

He met with one English teacher who is suffering from extensive debt. He went every single bank and he was returned with no assistance.

Nobody helps here. The world is very cruel. This is all about money. The teacher is favorite to every single student. They just love to sit in his class. Adam repeats 30 times the SPOKEN course with him. All the staffs are familiar with Adam.

Adam did not go for any admission test since he thinks his quality of knowledge is so low and he has no confident. There are common wordings also. Students from Madrasah do not get chance in universities easily though they have good result. Also, Adam got trauma for his Alim examination and the teacher who said to Adam that ‘ Adam can not do anything with this education’. Hence, Adam is only focusing on English and he wants to leave Bangladesh.

Adam’s was going down after the class from 5th floor. His English teacher was talking to one student who is leaving Bangladesh today for abroad.

‘ You will forget me in 3 months’ time. I have been teaching here for 10 years and I am witness for so many incidents’

They went downstairs and the English teacher excessively takes cigarette.

Adam got sick on day and could not attend class for 1 day and the very next day he went and his english teacher learned that Adam was sick. He gave him 500 taka saying

' Adam, please take this taka and take medicine and friuts'

' Sir, I am supposed to pay you a lot since I attended 30 times+ in your class and I entered illegally without paying any money'

' No worries Adam, Please take this amount. You are my favorite students and all staffs like you here. That's why they do not say anything when you enter in our classes'

Adam took the money. His eyes were full of tears.

Adam called his school friend one day and learned that most of them did not get chance any public universities except some national colleges. Also, he learned that his principal has died.

One day when Adam went to his hostel and his friend brought him to his sister’s house and when he went and he saw that is his in charge from his garment factory. They took dinner and Adam’s friend introduced Adam with in charge and In charge said, ‘ I know him since we worked together’

As they were talking and Adam found the personal life of this in charge is very different than office life.

‘ I faced so many difficulties like you Adam when I came here 15 years ago. The position I hold today it took me years of patient just to go in that position. Life is never easy here. You gotta fight’

Adam came back to his hostel. 

He was thinking before he went to bed, ' Can this worthless student pay back to his family, his teachers, his nation what they are continuously giving without any interest?"

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