The Sun-Goddess of Korea

The Sun-Goddess of Korea

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Byun-soon, Dael-soon and Hae-soon were three sisters. One day a tiger came to their house, and on seeing him the girls ran out of the back door and climbed a tree.

When the tiger began to climb the tree, the sisters prayed to the gods to save them. Their prayers were answered. An iron chain descended from the skies and the sisters climbed up to safety.

They lived happily in the land of the gods, and in time, Byun-soon was transformed into a star, Dael-soon into the moon and Hae-soon into the sun.

When Hae-soon set out across the skies on her first day out as the sun, people on earth came out of their homes to stare at her. Hae-soon was an extremely shy girl and she turned bright with embarrassment when she saw the people looking up at her. The more they stared, the brighter she became, till finally she became so bright that the people were blinded by her radiance and could no longer look up. This suited the shy Hae-soon and she continued to glow brightly from then on.

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