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The Story That Changed My Life

The Story That Changed My Life

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One Christmas eve when the sky was filled of dark grey clouds and a strong wind was blowing, a chill went down my spine as I saw a huge crowd standing on a street in front of me. The street was decorated with lights and lanterns. The roads were filled with people. Some people were wearing Santa hats where as some people were wearing reindeer ears. It was unbelievable to see so many people from all over the world dressed in all kinds of Christmas clothes on one single street. The street had only shops and people, there was no space for even a cycle to move.The shops had all kind of stuff from Santa stockings to Santa costumes and decorations to fire crackers. This street was actually the best place to go Christmas shopping although there was no place to even move.

I had a long list of things for Christmas to buy too. So I got all ready to to go onto the overcrowded street and search for my long list in all those shops. I first had to buy Christmas presents for my nephews and cousins who expected lovely gifts from me.I bought Santa costumes, Santa caps, Christmas stockings and reindeer hairbands for all of us to enjoy. I then bought some sweets and candies to offer everyone.i then bought a Christmas tree and cute decorations for it. I then bought lights and lanterns to put up outside my house. I then went grocery shopping to the supermarket for the huge feast at my house in the next evening. 

I was really tired after the long shopping. But yet I was quite excited for Christmas the next day. Christmas is a festival which is celebrated with joy and love. On this day we give our friends and family gifts and exchange love. Everyone waits throughout the year for this day. Not only us but almost the entire world looks forward to this festival. Out of these people there are some people who wait throughout the year for this festival too but cannot enjoy all the love and joy we get. They don't get all the privileges like we get nor do they get to eat those delicious Christmas sweets and candies. And hence every year i donate some warm clothes and blankets so that they do not feel cold. I just donate a piece of cloth every Christmas for these poor people but there are people other than me who ignore them, act rude with them and treat them as slaves.

I was thinking about all of this when the door bell rang. I got out of bed and walked towards the door to open it. On opening the door, on my surprise, I saw my relative who I loved the most. However I had not met her since ages. I offered her a cup of tea and led her in. I was really happy to meet her after so long. I asked her about her life and daily activities. She told me that she was not doing that well in life until a moment changed her life. And now she has a very big business and is very famous. This was quite interesting and i was happy to know about her. She told me the whole story about her. I wanted to salute her after listening to her story.The story goes like this...

One day she was walking on the road. She saw a poor family sitting on the footpath. One of them was blind, one could'nt walk, the other could'nt speak and the other was dying of hunger. Seeing this family she felt very bad and wanted to do something for them. But unfortunately she was not doing very well in life. She was going in loss. She could'nt afford to spend money to do something for the poor family she met. As she had to even fulfill the needs of her own family. She was feeling very bad that she couldn't do anything for that family. She now promised herself that she will however work very hard and at any cost do something for the family. She worked very hard. She worked day and night. She did two jobs together and didn't not disappoint anyone. She had to face many problems to earn such big amount of money. She couldn't spend time with her little ones or rest of the family, nor could she rest. She was spoiling her health but she had to do all of this at any cost of saving the family. She had to earn enough money to feed and buy clothes for the entire family if she wanted to save them from the cold.

She did not give up and worked very hard to achieve her goal. And one day her dream came true. She with her salary was earning enough money to help the poor family and take care of her own family too. She helped the poor family and provided them with money, warm clothes and all the basic necessities they required. The poor family had now received enough money to take care of themselves and lead a better life than before. The family was extremely happy. Seeing the happiness on their face she thought that she should bring happiness on faces of more people and so she decided that from then onward she will work very hard and do something good for all those people. From then she worked double hard. And at last one day she had enough money to complete the needs of hundred poor people. She opened a big orphanage for all the homeless children and an old age home for the old poor and disabled people. 

Many people got inspired by her and donated lakhs and lakhs of money for these people. She stopped working now and was completely involved in the betterment, development and good of these people. Today she has hundreds of such orphanages, old age homes and many such buildings all over India. She has become very successful in life and has dedicated her entire life to these people.

I was so happy to know that my dearest cousin was doing so well. I was greatly inspired by her hard work and dedication towards her work. Even I am inspired by her good work and from this story I learnt that we can achieve any goal if we work hard and are dedicated towards her work. I learnt a lot from this story. This Christmas I helped many poor people and helped bring a smile on their face!i enjoyed a lot this Christmas with my friends and family. My sister was an inspirational model for me. I learnt a lot this Christmas and I hope many more people get inspired by this story too.

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