Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Second Wife

The Second Wife

3 mins

From the time of the first child birth, Zarina had lost both the child and the child bearing capacity. Hasan Saheb tried to look happy but the moment he saw Zarina, both got depressed.

The news of Hasan Saheb, who had disappeared from yesterday afternoon,was received. He had got his second nikah done. A few hours after receiving the news Hasan Saheb arrived with his new bride.

Coming in front, he gave a shameless smile and told,"Poor girl was impoverished and her father would have sold her. So I thought of adopting the youthful girl". Saying this he moved outside towards the parlour.

By the time it was evening, order came from Hasan Saheb's sister, Zamila," This is the first night. Bride's room to be kept ready. "Zarina became a little embarrassed.

Zarina getting confused asked Zamila, “ Me?”

Zarina's sister in law Zamila smiled and said, “Who else is there in the house?"

When Zarina entered with a little hesitation and frustration, she found a ten to twelve year old girl sitting curled up in her bridal dress. Seeing Zarina the girl got up, when she asked “Do you want anything?”

The girl, with the sign of her hand, indicated, " She was hungry". “Come on you may have your bath and food there”, saying this when Zarina moved forward to show her the way, the girl held her hand with her fingers. Zarina was taken aback. How soft were her fingers! “Let them not be crushed” thought Zarina and held her hand instead.

By the time they returned to the room after food, Zarina was composed. It was still time for Hasan Saheb’s meeting to end. No sooner the girl sat on the cot she complained of getting sleepy when Zarina told her in clear words, "Go to sleep”.

The girl kept her head on Zarina’s lap and said ”Do you know any story which are told before sleep?” Zarina shrieked, “Have not your mother told you stories?”

Her reply moved the heart. ”No, my mother left me immediately after my birth. At the time of parting my father told me,” You will get everything there whatsoever you have dreamed”.

Milk burst forth Zarina’s breast. She started telling stories to the girl, caressing her head fondly. There was stir when Hasan Saheb was staring at both, standing near the door. Zarina left her head on the bed and stood up. Hasan Saheb looked at the calm faces of both and the prevailing peace. He kept the garland in Zarina’s hairs and told with a smile, "I want the sweet aroma of flowers when they bloom, not when they are squeezed, so God may forbid those who squeeze”.

"हमें तो सुगंध चाहिए वो फूलों को मसलने के बदले अगर फूलों के खिलने से मिल जाए तो खुदा नज्ल करे मसलने वालों पर ।"

Hasan Saheb took the cushion and moved towards the parlour and Zarina fanned the girl with her scarf (Dupatta).

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