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Drama Action Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Drama Action Thriller

The Princes of Mahismathi - 1

The Princes of Mahismathi - 1

2 mins

The court of Mahismathi was gearing up for their morning work and Rajmata Sivagami was tensed after her meeting with one of her spies.

Sivagami hurried to her seat with tears on her eyes and all other ministers along with Kattapa was puzzled to know the reason but stood back.

Bijala and Bhala were standing at their appropriate places and Bhala was looking at the place of Bahubhali but he has not arrived.

Sivagami proclaimed that Bahubali went missing the previous day from mahismathi and our spies doubt that he was kidnapped.

Bijala folded his moustache and was happy inside and looked at the throne and Bhala repeatedly. Then Sivagami stood and ordered to Bhalaladeva and Kattapa to take a small portion of army in search of Bahubali.

Kattapa just sighed and left the place.

Bhala and Bijala made their meeting and both asked each other did you kidnap Bahubali and both turned to other side.

Bhala left the palace along with Kattapa and they did not speak to each but the conversation started when bhala asked Kattapa how should we attack when enemy surround us on all 4 sides.

Kattapa says your head, stomach, rib cage must be protected and keep all your enemies before your eyes and attack as much you can.

Bhala smiles and calls his friend Duruva and gives Kattapa an iron headgear and bhala too puts one and Kattapa gets a good impression of Bhala.

Bhala says Bahu always think everyone as the good-hearted soul and does not doubt anyone.

That time a soldier hurries and says an army of wolf dressed soldiers are heading towards their camp.

Bhala smiles and says come on head geared soldiers of Mahismathi.

To be continued...

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