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Amanpreet Singh

Horror Thriller Others


Amanpreet Singh

Horror Thriller Others

The Possessed Mirror

The Possessed Mirror

8 mins 50 8 mins 50

I always loved antiques in my house. There were many unique and expensive antique items in my house. Old wooden boxes, small wooden cannon, a very old wooden plate engraved on it a royal design all added to the decor of my house. Now, I wanted to add one more beautiful thing and that is an antique mirror. 

I went straight to the antique shop. I said, “Uncle, I want an antique mirror. I have everything antique in my house except a mirror. After a beautiful mirror in my house, my all home antique decor will be completed.”

Uncle smiled, “That’s a cool idea. I will show you many varieties of mirrors. I will get you a mirror of your choice sir.”

I went with the uncle inside the shop to see a number of pieces of old mirrors. I rejected many but one caught my intention. That mirror was really awesome as if belonged to any royal family. At once I said, “Uncle, I want this. How much?”

“Five thousand rupees.”

“Done.” I said with a smile.

Next Day

I was waiting for the arrival of the mirror in my house as it was supposed to be delivered on this day. I said to myself, “Now, I will be a king. All the things that a king requires, all I have. An antique sword, antique sheath, antique couches, and old royal look giving paint on my walls. First, I was only happy, now I can feel like a king too. Some more happiness is going to be added by it.”

And finally, the door was knocked by an employee of the same shop, and the unique and antique mirror was delivered. Out of curiosity, I placed that mirror in my room so that I might look at its beauty every time. 

Time passed and the sun tucked its face with the blanket of darkness. Perhaps, it didn’t want to see what was going to happen next. And I am dead sure, I never wanted to see what I had to see next. 

I was relishing the beauty of the mirror and feeling myself like a king. I touched my face in the mirror and said to myself, “I am looking majestic in the royal frame of the mirror.” After feeling my beauty until I got satisfied, I turned around to lay on my bed again. But! I turned around but I felt as if my image in the mirror didn’t move a bit. 

Slowly, I again moved my eyeballs towards the mirror. The image was still standing there as it was. The chill passed down my spine. “What the hell!” I took to my heels and ran as quickly as possible towards the other room and slammed the door behind me. “Was it my illusion or reality? It was real! I have seen it with my own eyes. But it can’t happen. How can the image be there even if I am not there? I should call my friend. Oh shit! I have left my mobile phone in the same room! Now, what should I do? I have to go somehow to bring my mobile back. Without mobile, I am all alone.”

I mustered some courage and started inching towards the same room looking hither and thither. Perspiration poured off my brow and the drops of my sweat were making their way to my nose tip to the ground. With very careful steps, I entered the same room again. “Oh my gosh, my mobile is on my bed right, in front of this horrible mirror.”

“God please protect me, God please protect me.” I started mumbling this mantra within my mouth. When I reached near my bed I quickly jumped on my bed to catch my mobile and with the same frightening pace, I was about to move back. In the meantime, my eyes by mistake fell in the mirror but there was nothing. It was as normal as a normal mirror. “What! It was just my illusion. There was no reality in it. But I have seen my image standing there with my own eyes!”

Someone croaked behind me, “Now I am not there, now I am here.” I shuddered and looked back. There was an old man sitting behind me! I shouted aloud, “Ahh..” I took to my fifth gear and sped outside of my house with the lightning-fast speed. It was still dark and spooky atmosphere outside but yet I got some relief as it was far better to be there than in front of that ghastly mirror. 

Next Day

I was sitting in the hospital before a psychiatrist. He said, “Aman, nothing has happened to you. You are absolutely healthy. Sometimes, because of stress and burden, it happens. We begin to imagine the things that don’t really exist.”

“But doctor, I have never taken any form of stress ever in my life. And what I am telling you is the incredible truth that I have seen with my own eyes.” I said with full confidence.

“Aman, Aman. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. I suggest you stop thinking about it. I am giving you some medicines. Please take it on time and then you will never see any such things. Because ghosts don’t exist. Every ghost is nowhere than in our minds.” The doctor told me very politely.

“Okay, doctor, as you say. Maybe it was my mere illusion.”

“It was not maybe. It was your illusion. Your imagination.”

Bidding goodbye to my doctor I asked myself rubbing my hair, “Was it really my illusion?” 

“Oh, what is that in my head. There is something. It is not small. Let me see.” I took that something in my hand and it was a piece of fresh flesh! “Oh, my God from where the hell it came! Should I tell it to my doctor? It is of no use. He will say, it is just my imagination or I myself have placed it in my hair. But maybe he is true. Maybe I am not mentally sane right now. Oh, it is futile to think over this stuff. First of all, I should go to my home and take some rest.”

I went straight to my home and stood before the mirror to find out whether it was all my illusion or reality. I stood right before the mirror and started staring at it. I touched my face, touched my nose, bend my body right, and left, everything was normal. I waited for long something paranormal to happen but nothing happened. But when I was about to leave, all of a sudden my eyes turned horribly white. 

My whole body began to tremble in fear. I wanted to shout buy my body got paralyzed. I tried to run but to no avail. I got trapped in the energy of the possessed mirror. Wardrobe began to open and shut on its own. The lights of my room began to dipper. Chairs started moving in my room as if someone was dragging them. My bed started shaking at a frightening pace. The infinite intolerable shocks made me fall on the floor and I passed off soon. 

Next Day

As soon as my eyes got opened, I ran to my doctor and narrated him the whole horror story. But the doctor is a doctor, he never believed my sayings. He said, “Please don’t worry. It is just your imagination. It is nothing but your hidden fears are surfacing.”

“These are not hidden fears doctor. All of it is a reality that I am suffering from!”

The doctor replied in a very calm voice, “All patients say like that. I can suggest only one thing. Face your fear! Now you may go please.”

Annoyed I left the doctor’s room and came back home. I spoke within my mind, “Now, where should I go? The doctor is not ready to believe me even. I don’t think all of it is my illusion. But one thing he said absolutely correct i.e. face your fear. To end one’s fear one has to face it. This, I have read in many books. Yes, now I will face it, let’s see what happens then.”

Again I stood before the possessed mirror and started looking deep into it. I said loudly collecting all my courage and energy, “I know this mirror is possessed. I know you are possessed. But today, I am not going to run away from you. Today, I will face you. You want to frighten me. Yes, come on. Frighten me. Whatever you have brought in.” I completed the last statement moving my hands in the way indicating to bring in whatever the terror it has. And to my shock, it brought out the evil it has. 

In the mirror, the dark black, thick and dense hairs began to grow all over my hands and arms. In no time, I understood the evil was going to possess me. He was entering me slowly. This time, I didn’t fear it. I looked closely at the growing black ghastly hairs on my hands and arms and then I closed my fist tightly and gave sharp blows to the mirror! Bam! Bam!

The small-small pieces of mirror scattered everywhere in my room. I devasted it completely. I was gasping, I was perspiring, I was furious. Then I looked at my hands and arms. There were no hairs or any sign of evil power. Everything became normal.

After Three Days

I again went to my doctor, narrated my whole story, and said, “I have faced my fear. And you were right. Now everything is normal. No ghost, no apparition, no haunting, nothing.”

The doctor replied confidently with a smile, “I told you, it was all your illusion.”

“No doctor, you are wrong. It was not my illusion. I broke the mirror with my own hands and these didn’t bleed, not even a scratch on them and the whole mirror was shattered into pieces. You can even see the pictures that I have taken of the broken mirror.” I handed over the pictures to the doctor.

Seeing those pictures very carefully the doctor said, “It is again your illusion. You must have broken it with something else and you felt as if you have broken it with your own hands.”

“Oh, doctor, just shut up!” I left the room and never returned. 

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