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The Outbreak

The Outbreak

4 mins

Egypt, a middle-east country with undiscovered ancient history to date, definiteness answers, foreseeable truth, and unfeasible stories.

Working, as an archaeologist has always been special to Stace, not until her first visit to the buried side of ancient Egypt.

Pyramid Giza, the world's mysterious pyramid, Stace had her theories on the Egypt’s oldest kingdom's history. Stepping into the sand with dry hot sunrays poking, warm wind, dust flying and people clicking pictures. Stace observed every inch of the three pyramids, fascinated by its composition and structure, suddenly.

"Hell-oo, Miss! I would be happy to tell you about…G-Giza-" said the middle-aged man with broken English and Arabic accent to his tone.

"No thank you, just looking"

"I am Aamir I work as a guide here"

"Nice to meet you, Aamir! I am Stace and I am an archaeologist from London."

"Ahhh archaeologist, you must be curious about Giza, I can help you Habibi" a neutral stare the man gave, Stace surprised by the offer but if she's here she has to take any chances to get inside somehow.

"Really?! ARE YOU SURE? what about-"

"I work here, I have taken many people, and they find fun-.”

"I would love to come but what about security?"

"Ahh don’t worry, I there to take care.”

3 a.m. 

Stace spots Aamir standing near the smallest Giza's pyramid, they looked spectacular at night, tall pyramids standing tall with the night covered with millions of stars shining.

"Stace! QUICK" Aamir withered as Stace reached near him. “We have to be fast! Before someone catches us!!" Aamir said with slight nervousness across his face. As they got in and stepped on the sand, Aamir quickly set on the lantern and began their tour from climbing stairs made of sand, the walls were covered with the ancient language and spider webs. It seemed like no one ever visited this place yet Stace had to believe Aamir for the sake of her curiosity, they kept walking until Aamir reached out to a door with its knob with several spider webs.

"Are you sure abo-" Stace said

"Trust me, dear, I have lived here for more than twenty-five-year"

Aamir pushed the door and kept the lantern on the ground, he removed out a cloth from his pocket and suddenly grabbed Stace's hand with all his power and wrapped the cloth on his hand to her nose. "Trust me it's not going to hurt a bit darling," Aamir says as he holds Stace in his arm.

Two-hours later


Stace finds herself sleeping on a hard rock sand surface with her; sweat dripping down her face, hand, and arms and legs tied to the bed and eyes blindfolded.

"Name?" A voice appeared from Stace's left side with a very Arabic accent to his tone.

"Drastic" Aamir's voice appeared.

"WHERE AM I?? AAMIR?!" cried Stace with tears flowing down her cheeks, thoughts rushing in her mind about murders she has never felt so petrified, shook and obnoxious, she began rehearsing her prayer.

"SHUT HER MOUTH!!" the man shouted in anger, someone stuffed a cloth inside her mouth.

"Health seems ok to me, she's perfect for the ritual!" The man shouted in nostalgia.

"Tomorrow morning, wash her body with boiled water-" The conversation went on, not until when the man near her said "She is going to be a tremendous mummy" Stace couldn't resist she waited for them to leave.

"Take care of her," the man said before leaving.

Some other man walked up to her, "YOU ARE GOING TO TURN INTO A MUMMY!!" he laughed as loudly as he could, "Now sleep meet ya tomorrow!"

Stace was shocked with the situation, she wanted to get out of here as fast as she could but there was no way...

She was tired and she again fell asleep.

In the morning, few ladies came to shower her, as they led her to the bathroom they removed her blindfold she could see a huge tub made out of sand filled with water with steam flowing up.

"PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME! HELP ME PLEASE!!" Stace screamed out in pain with a tear dropping, they all looked at each other and ignored her pain. They dropped her in the tub with all their energy they started scrubbing her despite her back turning red.

"It's not going to hurt you,” one of them said with sympathy.

"YOU CAN HELP ME PLEASE!" Stace cried.

They all looked at each other with worries across their faces.

Stace couldn’t make out what they were saying, they seemed to be discussing something until suddenly.

“I…help bu-ut I” the women hesitated to speak but Stace made out that one of them is ready to help but in return, they ask something, by the way, she was bringing her hands towards the body.

“I will! Anything you say.” Stace said.

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