Adina Asim

Drama Horror


Adina Asim

Drama Horror

The Mystery of the New House

The Mystery of the New House

6 mins

Hi I am Lupita, and I wanted to share an incident that happened to me and my roommates a year ago,it was pretty terrific but some how we managed to get out of the situation. So i'll not speak anymore and let's get right to the story. 

One beautiful day I and my roommates Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica decided to move into a new house. We all were searching for new home on the internet and asking our other friends. Suddenly Rachel screamed "guys, I found a beautiful home is newly built and the neighborhood in which it is located is built recently too.. we have to go and check it out!!". We all said "okay Rachel we will go and check it out." 

We went to check the house out in the afternoon. The neighborhood was really advanced and beautiful and even the home really pretty and spacious. The rent was also pretty affordable. So we decided to move in there. 

We shifted everything into our new house. Everything was going well until the third month. One evening I called my roommates and told them that I'll be late because I had to run some errands. I came back home at 12 and I saw Phoebe rachel and Monica were sitting on the couch stuck to each other and their hands were shaking. I asked calmly "hey guys! Whatsup? What happened why are you all sitting stuck to each other?" Monica answered in a trembling voice "Lupita y-y-you won't believe what happened to u-us t-t-today!"

I calmed them down and asked them what exactly happened to them. First Rachel told me her experience. She began "so I went into the g-garage where our washing machines are placed. I put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and as I was walking towards the door to the passageway the door closed and I tried to open it but some how it got locked and I kept banging but the door didn't open. Then I heard someone running upstairs. My soul was trembling and there was a river flowing from my eyes. And the cherry on the top was that Monica and phoebe we sleeping at that time. I kept on banging for an hour and phoebe woke up by the banging and opened the door I explained everything to her."

Then Monica shared her experience next. She began "So I was doing my dance practice standing in front of the t.v and suddenly the t.v shut and I was shook. Because there was no power cut so how was that possible. I thought it maybe because we used the t.v alot. So I continued doing other chores. Then all of a sudden I heard some music playing down stairs. I went there to check and after I saw that my eyes freaking popped off. I started to cry but there was no one in the house. I was alone. Then I called up phoebe and she came home. She consoled me and then I got relaxed." Pheobe said "at first sight I thought it was just their mind playing tricks on them but then, when we all were having dinner the lights got switched off we all thought it maybe a power cut but when I went to check the switch it was literally off.. and none of us went there to switch it off and it was not possible that a switch which is controlled by hand got switched to off from on."

When I heard all of this I felt like it was a movie.. but sadly it was the reality.. I never used to beleive in all of this but for some reason my brain was just filled with negative thoughts. We all couldn't sleep that night so the next morning we decided to call a priest and bless the house. He blessed the house and everything. Then we never felt anything.

After a couple months creepy things started to take once again. One morning we all four friends were jogging and suddenly I felt like someone grabbed my hair and pulled me back. I yelled at the three of them but they had no clue what was happening they said they were walking normally they didn't pull my hair. Neither it was a stranger nor my friends. I chose to ignore it again. But then things were getting out of hand we were not knowing what to do. Finally we decided to take a survey of our neighborhood and ask the residents about it.

The next morning we went to every single house in the neighborhood but no one had any clue because the neighborhood wad recently established so they all were new too. We were confused what to do. One day Monica comes up to me and says "lupita I have seen many horror movies like this in these types of cases either it is the house or the land. We know our house is newly built and it is not haunted or anything but we don't really know about the land it is built on." I thought it was a really good point. Rachel then said "guys, Monica is right, maybe we can find some other clues that will give us a rough idea of the past. Maybe there is a cemetery or something we have never seen here before". I said, "guys Rachel has a good point too but we take a round of the neighborhood every single day if there was a cemetery we would have noticed it." Monica suggested that we should fly her drone over the neighborhood and maybe we could find some clues. She flew the drone over the neighborhood. And when we say the clip recorded by the drone we were shaken. We saw that just a mile away there is a little piece of land that is fenced and it has 5-6 tombstones. We thought it might be a family cemetery or something. Somehow after researching about it we found the history behind it. 

The history behind it was that once this neighborhood was a huge land and a merchant bought it. He lived with his wife and his two children in a house. His greatest wish was to be buried near his home. So after his death his wife and children buried him near his home then his wife died too so she was also buried next to where the merchant laid. 

We all were frozen for a moment but we tried to link where his house was and unfortunately his was demolished and the worst part is that the place where the merchant's house was built at that same land our house was built. We all thought of visiting the cemetery once. 

The next morning we went to cemetery. We were not allowed to go inside but we could see that the tombstones were from the late 1800's. There were many graves of infants too. We understood what exactly was happening to us we all decided to rush back to our house gather all the stuff and leave the neighborhood and go as soon as possible. We all were running back to our house but Rachel kept staring at the tombstone of the merchant's wife. Then she sat near her grave and looked at us with rage in her eyes. We were scared like anything we were thinking that our souls might come out of our body anytime. But we didn't want to leave our dear friend alone so we stayed there. Phoebe bought some holy water and sprinkled on her and she came back to normal then we decided never to go there again.

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