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Adina Asim

Children Stories

The Needle And The Thread

The Needle And The Thread

3 mins

Once upon a time, in a little cottage lived two sisters named crystal and belle with their grandmother. They never used to fight. But one day crystal and belle got into a fight about who will eat the last nacho chip. Crystal said “Belle I am older than you, no one likes you, I am more important than you are.” Belle felt really bad and started to cry.

Their grandma arrived in time and said “Crystal and belle what is going on?”

Crystal explained the whole case to grandma. Grandma then called belle and crystal in her room. She said “children, you know that tomorrow there is your singing competition right?

And you both have to sing together. Belle replied “Grandma I am sorry, but I am not going to sing with crystal!” Grandma sighed. She said “See belle and crystal you both should take decisions wisely. I will tell you both a story and then you can decide what to do”.

Belle and crystal decided to listen to the story.

Grandma began, Once upon a time, in a tiny box lived a needle and a thread. They both were like brothers. But one day the needle said to the thread “ thready dear, you are soo weak, hahaha. Anyone can break you in a snap of a finger. The thread remained silent. Then the needle started boasting about its strength and uses. The thread lost his temper and shouted “Hey!!! will you stop boasting on your own or shall I do the honours. The needle stood silently. Meanwhile, the bead came to say hi to them. But he saw that they were fighting. The bead was really wise. He thought of an idea to stop both of them.

He knew that the needle was wrong. But he wanted to be fair with both of them.

He first approached the needle. He said “Hello Mr.needle. What happened something wrong here? The thread explained everything. The bead then said to the needle “Mr.needle, please list any 5 things in which humans use you.”

The needle replied “Mr.bead you are asking me to list 5 things, huh I can list thousands.

But I will do as you asked.

The five things are:-

1. Stiching

2. Making holes in things

3. Surgery

4. Piercing

5. Experiments”.

Then Mr.Bead then asked the thread to list 5 things he is used in.

The thread replied “ okay Mr.bead.

The five things are:-

1. Stitching

2. Surgery

3. To tie thing together

4. For making jewellery

5. For experiments”

Mr. Bead sighed and said “You both have listed only 3 things. I asked you to list 5 things.”

Both of them replied “it is not possible we have listed 5 thing maybe you have not heard the rest.”

Mr.Bead replied “Can you both stitch alone? can you stitch the skin in surgeries alone?”

The needle and the thread understood what Mr.Bead wanted them to understand.

They both hugged each other and decided never to fight.

Grandma said “Children how was the story?” Belle and crystal replied “Grandma thank you very much we have understood what you meant”.

Grandma smiled.

The next day belle and crystal won the singing competition and they lived happily ever after.

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