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Priyadarshini Panda

Horror Thriller Others


Priyadarshini Panda

Horror Thriller Others



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I opened my eyes because of sunlight's which is crawling from my open window looking brighter and slinking all over my face.  sometimes being lazy is important to do some uncomplete task to complete, holding cup of tea with added flavour of ginger i came to near my window to enjoy the mist air blowing at winter morning to recalling last year's memory which are gearing simply unforgettable, when turns interesting it remains ever vivid with you as awful. Even some of the bad experience which learns you a lot of lessons, whenever i was thinking about of that day ,started getting goosebumps all over my arms.

‌It was a mid of January, i was returning home for a vacation . Trains were around 3hours delayed due to dense fog, it would be better walking through on fog and enjoy winter morning to bonhomie to your mind refresh .I can barely see the outline of a future in front of myself but not well enough to make out any details.

My step was keep moving forward that much i was going to invisible in this fog and can not see things all around me properly. I realized the fog coming for me to drag somewhere which was going to quite impossible. A beautiful girl who looks like angel sitting on a aluminum chair.

The luster of sunlight at winter early morning really its indeed so creative, when it reflects on her face its shining like diamond. It seems my eyes were shucked and the whole world was mute for a while.

I was ashamed go near to her but my heart was obliged to sit next ,its obsession on dilemma between my mind and heart. My foot required some rest due to morning walk, and lack of sitting bench on outskirts of station decide to sit there.

After few minute to seeing each other, we both started our an unconditional gasping without any hesitation.

Don't know how times were going to end in between i got a call from my bestie, due to hectic network i cant her voice clearly. so i decide to make call again that's why i went little far from that place.

Juhi.. what happened?

Her epic replay - Have you any common sense or not? train will come shortly. come soon.

I turned back to that bench but i saw none is there ! i was waiting there 2minutes thought may be she went wash room. But i can't unable to reach her how ruthlessness she is ? But that girl left purse , if i am not wrong.

I hold that purse, run to catch the train.. juhi was scolding obviously but i was not bothering about her.I knew that the girl's purse should never stare but i could not resist myself because this is the only resources to reach her place. I was little angry, how careless she is?

Finally i succeeds to reach at my destination then i decide to go meet her to return purse. Oh thankfully i got her address during the time of stare.

I booked a cab from the station to reach her place. When i was entering her colony i saw lots of people gathered near by her house , to see such things i didn't understand.

I saw someone who was lying on floor it seems like dead body of anyone , it might little bit of discomfort for me but gathered lots courage to ask and to go near. Meanwhile, to see her visiting card a man who came to near me and indicate to dead body that guy started murmuring -"its really a tragic incidence happened with her 2 days back some people raped her and threw her off on the track". Just now we got her dead body after lengthy process of postmortem. In between winds of air blew away that white colour bedsheets which was covering that dead body, after seeing her face my whole world again pause for a minute.

I feel like hell if she dead 2 days back but today to whom i met? Handover purse to that man , booked a auto to reach my place. I was black out for a week, it was like sweet dish having bitter taste.

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