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ketaki patwardhan

Drama Crime Thriller


ketaki patwardhan

Drama Crime Thriller

The Life of Myra - Chapter 8

The Life of Myra - Chapter 8

7 mins 919 7 mins 919

I feel my ears and cheeks flushing red.

He is implying that the man I had gone on a date with had just disappeared into thin air just to get rid of me? After stalking me in a weird car and tampering with my house?

I have never heard of anything more ridiculous than this!

Have Anish and Madhumita already filed a complaint against me, and is that why he is so biased against me?

“SI Patil, madam wants to see you,” a peon reckons him.

So before I can give some harsh, sarcastic and scornful reply, SI Patil takes my leave.

“We will be in touch,” he says.

Disappointed, I go back to my car. As I drive, I can feel the blue Innova tailing me again from a safe distance. My heart starts beating with trepidation. Why didn’t I have the presence of mind to take the cop’s cell phone number? I could have called him immediately and told him about the car following me. At least now he would have believed me!

Should I drive back to the police station? Will the car follow me there too?

I don’t take the turn that leads to my apartment. I start driving wherever I feel like, in whichever direction the road offshoots. The blue Innova keeps following me. I roam around for nearly an hour and the car finally gives up my chase, and then, I return home.

At home, I am in a completely grumpy mood and I regret going to the police. They don’t believe me!

It is almost 8 in the evening. Not in a mood to cook anything, I order pizza and stretch out on my living room sofa with my book Jigyasa in my hands.

I snooze off while reading.

After what seems like just a couple of minutes, I am awakened by a strange orange light in my room.

I sit up on my sofa and look around. The orange is too bright for my taste and I want to shield my eyes. But the light seems to be everywhere and I can’t locate the source from where it is streaming.

“Myraaaaa,” I hear a soft whisper from behind me.

Startled, I sit up and turn around. It's Jigyasa.

So, is this my dream? The lucid dream?

I was supposed to ask her something. What was it?

“Kill her,” she says, very clearly this time.

“Whom? And why?” I ask her.

“Kill her,” she repeats emphatically.

“Who? Who should I kill?”

Her penetrating eyes hold my gaze and I can feel the fire burning inside of her.

“She destroyed your life. She stole your fiancé. She is still stalking you and wrecking your life. Kill her.” She repeats.

I gulp, as I know exactly who she means.

A shrill loud doorbell jerks me awake.

My phone also starts ringing and vibrating simultaneously as the pizza delivery guy keeps calling me.

 I stumble out of the sofa and open the door.

The irritated delivery boy hands me my pizza, muttering profanities under his breath, which give me the impression that he has been trying the bell for quite some time now.

“Sorry,” I whisper, handing over the money, as I am still reeling from the lucid dream.

As I sit down to eat the cheese burst pizza laden with onions, tomatoes, red chillies, olives and jalapeno, I begin pondering what Jigyasa said.

Everything she said makes sense. Madhumita stole my fiancé. She was our marriage breaker. She is still going out of her way in her attempts at making me jealous. I bet all the posts and pictures she posts on her social media are just to make me envious. She knows I stalk her and she wants to show me how she has snatched the life which was meant to be mine. And now she is playing with my head too. She must be the one who has hired someone to follow me in that blue Innova. She is the one who must have tampered with my apartment. And I don’t know how Viraj features in all of this, but now it seems it is very possible that he was a paid actor hired just to mess with my head.

The more and more I think, my determination begins to strengthen. I know what I have to do.

I get up and write down today’s dream as well in my dream journal.

And I decide to act. I have been at the receiving end for way to long.

It’s payback time, Madhumita!


Next day, I have swapped duty. I am doing morning in place of Rasika, as she has some work to do. So I am free in the afternoon, and Saloni and I make plans to go shopping after our duty.

By 5 pm we both reach the City Centre Mall. I am in an exceptionally good mood today.

I haven’t spotted the blue Innova since morning. Nor have I heard from the police, which means, even though they haven’t taken any serious cognizance of my complaints, at least Anish and Madhumita haven’t filed any case against me. And I have also figured out what I plan to do to Madhumita.

Me and Saloni roam around, mostly doing window shopping, and chit chatting, Saloni filling me in with the current gossips at the hospital.

“Dr. Shantanu Singh is dating someone I heard,” she says.

I look at her, startled. Dr Singh is dating someone at the hospital?

“Who?” I ask. Somehow, this piece of information bothers me. A lot.

Otherwise I don’t care who hooks up with whom.

“Some doctor from Dermatology,” she says, “Dr. Samira I think. They have been spotted together in the cafeteria too many times to be a casual coincidence. And he drops her home many times,” she tells me carelessly.

I don’t know why I feel a pit forming in my stomach. Is it because I again think of Viraj, due to the resemblance he bears to Dr. Shantanu? Or is it because I can’t imagine Dr. Singh with another woman, possibly in a romantic relationship?

“What happened? Why are you so silent?” she asks, scanning a row of sleeveless tops in Pantaloons.

“Nothing. I have always seen Dr. Singh as an intellectual figure and an academic person. It is difficult to imagine him like this, you know,” I say.

“He is a human after all. He has to have a life outside hospital!” she laughs, yet I don’t feel better.

I am in no mood of buying anything. But I roam around the aisles of clothes stacked in piles or displayed on hangers, when I catch a glimpse of someone. The moment our eyes meet, she hides behind a wall.

I run in the direction I saw her, almost stumbling over a cranky six year old who is visibly giving a hard time to his hapless father while his mother probably shops carelessly at the other end of the store. I mumble a sorry and rush to round the corner she turned around. But she has disappeared.

Frantic, I walk on, checking all aisles and turning every corner of the store till I have walked in circles almost four times. She has vanished into thin air!

I pull out my cell phone and call her. The cell phone is switched off.

Why is Mahika following me?

"Myra, what happened?" Saloni asks me, her hand holding a bag full of clothes to try on.

"I have to go. It's an emergency," I say, and before she has any time to react, I rush out of the store. If I reach the exit in time, I will catch Mahika escaping in her car probably.

I am breathless by the time I reach the exit from where cars from the parking lot emerge. I hide behind a wall so that I am not visible to whoever drives out.

5 minutes pass. Then ten. Many cars go out but none belongs ti Mahika. 

Now I begin doubting myself. Did I really see her?

No, it was definitely her. If only for a fraction of a moment, but I have no doubt it was her. 

I pull out my cell phone and call her number again. I am expecting it to be still switched off. But the phone rings.

"Hello?" Mahika says.

"Where are you Mahika?" I ask, trying to keep the anxiety and anger out of my voice.

"I am at the gym. Why? What happened?" She asks, sounding clueless.

"Okay. Can I videocall you?" I ask.

There is a moment of silence, where I sense a hesitation.

"Why? I am at a public place Myra. Others won't approve if we video call here. I can call you when I get back home," she says.

She is right. People at the gym won't be very happy if one of them starts video calling an outsider.

"It's okay. I thought I saw you at City Mall. Hence called," I say.

"City hall? No way. I have not been there in ages," she says, and somehow I get the feeling that she is trying too hard to convince me. Which means she is probably lying.

"Anyway. I have got to go. Talk to you later," I say, and disconnect the call before she can say anything else.

By the time I reach home, I begin seriously doubting myself again. And I feel bad for leaving Saloni halfway through our planned shopping trip. I message her a sorry but she doesn't reply. May be she's angry, but I can cajole her tomorrow.

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