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saravanan Periannan

Abstract Drama Romance


saravanan Periannan

Abstract Drama Romance

The life of Ankith Chapter 10

The life of Ankith Chapter 10

2 mins 120 2 mins 120

All the characters, incidents in the story is fictitious and not to hurt anyone.

read the life of Ankith chapters from 1 to 9 before reading chapter 10.

Ankith turns back and sees his classmate Manasvi running towards him and she suddenly stops breathing heavily.

She asks Ankith to accompany her till her hostel and he nods his head.

She speaks so much to him but Ankith's mind wandered somewhere.

Finally she reaches her hostel with Ankith and gives a letter to him.

Ankith reads the letter and says sorry Manasvi, I am very weak in my heart and my mind cannot speak about love for anymore.

He moves from there and Manasvi calls him saying 

In life we will meet many good people who love and care for us but only some will be ready to make a journey with us and I think it is you.

Ankith says sorry Manasvi I need time to think on this.

Ankith starts collecting money for a social cause and all support eagerly.

Ankith says the plan to construct a public library in the place near the college so many people will have access to the library and we will do it with the help of government.

The government officers of that area thank the students for helping in a social cause.

The library construction starts and Ankith earns a huge respect from the college.

Ankith and his IT friends starts to do their final project which helps them get a well paid job.

Ankith gets a tiffin box of sweets from Manasvi when he comes out of his hostel and he asks what? 

She replies our team has completed the project and Ankith congratulates them and when manavi tries to ask something ,Ankith moves away.

The interview for placements starts in college and many of them get jobs and enjoys the days.

Ankith and Manasvi gets job offers from a Same company and Ankith goes to Manasvi and holds her hand and says 

I love you Manasvi and first let us finish our degree in a good manner and settle in life and I will come to your parents and speak about it.

Mansvi smiles and Ankith smiles as they move towards their respective hostel.

To be continued as 

The life of ankith chapter 11

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