Rajarshi das

Drama Tragedy


Rajarshi das

Drama Tragedy

The Life Of A Perverted Drug Addict

The Life Of A Perverted Drug Addict

7 mins

Sristi was waiting at the door, waiting for "somebody" to come and give her the daily dose of caffeine. Weakened by the drugs and her perverted nature she slowly sat at the table and started gazing at her belly. Pregnant for 6 months now she was tired of walking, talking, and deemed everything to be very hard to do. To escape the pain she took out a cigarette and started puffing.

She remembered the Doctor saying "Stop smoking and taking drugs go to rehab do everything you can to stop taking drugs for the child is already showing symptoms of cancer in its lungs. Not for you but do it atleast for the baby". " Do it for the baby, huh!" She smirked and spoke to herself.

Suddenly a knock at the door and she broke out of her various pains. She stood straight and walked as fast as she could towards the door. " I have been waiting for so long. . . where is my caffeine where!?" She exclaimed with a voracious hunger in her eyes. Rakesh her supplier gave her the delivery and smirked and said," At least stop taking drugs in your pregnancy". Quite ironic that the one delivering drugs is asking the customer to stop. Well that was of no use for Sristi have already taken her dose and she lied down on her bed. Rakesh closed the door softly and went away.

In the intoxicated condition, Sristi started dozing off,

Sleepy, very sleepy… and she now started remembering her life…

Sristi Dhar, a class 10 bioscience student of Holy Christian Society school is walking down the corridor. With a cool gale flowing through the window at the end of the corridor the 16-year-old beauty was looking more gallant as her hair is riding on the cool breeze. As she was walking down the path, every boy could not but stare at this voluptuous beauty. Suddenly she held a guy's arm and said "Hey babe wanna have some fun?" quite seductively as she pushed the guy's hand in her breasts.

She said" Only 400 rupees for a night what say huh?" and started fondling the lower body with her hands. Suddenly asked by such a question by such an angel was like a dream come true for every boy, he agreed instantly. With every boy's attention towards Sristi, she became an eyesore for other girls. " Such a Pervert" the other girls despised her for this.

Suddenly everything became pitch black and when it lighted up again she was standing in front of two coffins. She saw a 7-year-old child standing in front of the coffins was crying. She recognised that this girl was herself from back then and that the coffins were of her parents. Suddenly a bold and strong looking man came and held the child's arm tightly and took her inside the house. The man she feared the most her uncle Jagat. Sristi tried to stop them but only could follow but cannot say anything. Then she saw taking the child to a room full of adolescent boys, 7-8 boys maybe. She was thrown inside with the door being closed behind her back. Her parents died in an accident everybody says so.

From inside the door, Sristi could only hear the child crying and the boys laughing. The first time she was slandered by males. This would go on for every day until she turned 15 years of age. At that time she decided to run away from this treacherous life. She sneaked out of her house late at night and managed to get to the city away from her father's mansion, Far away from that dreadful person. There she met a Father of Holy Church. The Father was walking by the back alley when she saw a young girl lying unconscious there. He rescued her and started taking care of her. That's how Sristi joined the Holy Christian Society school. Everything was smooth until the Father died. Now she had no money to sustain herself. The new Father kicked her out when she tried to resist his sexual approaches and harassment. Now without money to live on, without roof to stay under, she lost her way when she encountered a packet of drug. Thinking it as food she took it. Slowly the world seemed to stop a world where she couldn't listen to people or see the lust in their eyes for her. Then in that state of half-consciousness drifting in and out she managed to walk and find an open place.

Again pitch black. . . Sristi was standing in a void of darkness. Then again she came back to the living world of her dreams. She can see the 15-year-old Sristi teasing a young boy of 12. The boy was shy and blushing as Sristi seduced him. At that time living alone without food and money she could only sell her body. But the most shocking fact was now that she has piqued in her profession and youth she enjoyed having sex day in and day out. This would fetch her a huge sum to live on and also to buy drugs, by this time she has moved to heroin, cocaine, and charas and also she started craving for sex. Thus a pervert was born. Out of craving for sex and money for drugs, the pervertedness became her second nature.

Seeing such a miserable condition of hers in her dreams Sristi started crying. She brokedown but that was not all. The dream didn't end. She knew what was coming next she accepted it in a hard way but was not willing to see it again. The unfaithful lover who used her and ran away. She wanted to run away but as her mind would have it she found herself bound to cross with an iron chain. From there she saw, that dreadful night when her strong will to live on was shattered. She saw a male shillouhete stripping clothes from Sristi's body and saw Sristi enjoying the state. Her craving for lust and lovemaking has went far and beyond the level of control. Seeing the same things in her head she started screaming " SRISTI! SRISTI! SRISTI! STOP IT THAT GUY WILL LEAVE YOU TO DIE AND RUN AWAY, SRISTI STOP IT! DON'T DIE AGAIN!" She screamed and cried and saw the face of that man with villainous laughter and bloodlust in his eyes she felt her body is going to be torn to shreds," Oh what a pain! Somebody, please help! help!" And all went pitched dark…

Only one person came to help, that old father. He came and said, " Dear I am here to take you home don't cry come with me your turn to know the almighty have come".

Sristi woke up… there was a pain throbbing in her chest. She searched for water, but alas water seemed to far away to reach. Still desparately she tried to protect her flickering flames of life as she gained all of her strength and stood up. Too tired to walk, too tired, "Oh the pain! Ah, I can't bear it anymore. Father! Father! Where are you?" She cried and saw a bright light in front of her. The old Father standing in front said " Come follow me child! I shall lead your way out of this society"

Suddenly her body felt light as she walked towards the old Father, she followed and came in front of a lake in a few steps. The Father said pointing towards the platform almost her waist height " Jump from the platform in the pool, Jesus is waiting for you there, come I will jump with you too. " saying such the Father jumped and so did Sristi everything seemed blue a tranquility a peace she felt in a deep sleep.

The next day when Rakesh came to deliver her share of drugs he saw a dead pregnant Sristi lying on the road in a puddle of blood. Everybody gasped on the brutal scenery but sighed with relief, "Finally this pervert died, served her right huh!?"

Nobody, literally nobody understood the pain of that drug addict girl that died again and again out of her needs and social standards of living. Rakesh was sorry for he could not sell her drugs to anyone anymore. More sorry he was because he could not see his child take birth. As it died with its perverted drug addict mother.

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