The League Of Change Makers

The League Of Change Makers

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Maliga Puram is a village near the outskirts of Bangalore. With a lot of colleges nearby but students need to travel by bus and need to walk a lot.

The village once was filled with people and resources, was left to the mercy of the god.

Where most of the people started to migrate, the agricultural fields got dried due to severe drought. Farmers were committing suicide due to the lack of yields and debts.

The schools were there in the village, but due to lack of maintenance, the school buildings were falling apart, and kids stopped attending it.

Clarke was the youngster who hailed in this village. He struggled with his communication, as he didn’t get the exposure to English or the accents been used by the students, in the city.

He worked hard and completed schooling and was able to get into the college, with great difficulty.

He watched and listened to the movies and news, with subtitles. He used the internet, to learn the subjects, with which he gained the confidence to face life.

Being from the village, he was concerned about his people, though he was from Arts background. He learned a lot from his friends and college mates from other departments.

He learned about drip irrigation that is useful for areas suffering from droughts and started exploring on others.

He formed a Facebook group "Change Makers" where students from various backgrounds shared their knowledge to make the change to society.

It got promoted with a word of spread from students within his college.

A challenge gets posted, and students come up with a suggestion.

The Engineers designed horizontal turbines where the water levels were low in the river stream they used it to generate electricity. They used a coating of cow dung in rooms to act as insulators. Bamboos with minute holes pinched throughout it got buried in various places in the village and sides of the road. It helped in retaining the ground waters during the heavy rainfall.

Gravels and broken rocks in the lake beds reduced the evaporation in summer and retained water.

They used a set of plants and formed a moving purifier on the black waters, where the roots of the plants fed on the contaminated water.

The only maintenance was to replace the plants and the plastic base packed with a net.

By applying the defend mechanism, instead of chemicals in agriculture, they avoided many side effects.

The botany and zoologist students worked together and found the insects that attack the crops and the predators for those insects.

They made an effort to raise those predators, with a careful study of their behavior on the crops, thereby reducing the cost and dependency of a lot of chemical fertilizers.

They collaborated with a radio channel, where the tips were given by the professors and scientists, from various organizations it gave a chance, for the farmers to discuss their concern issues.

The farmers from villages who won the drought successfully got a chance to share their experiences with others.

With a small investment, they purchased a set of vacuum packaging machines.

It helped the farmers to pack, and sell the products to the market, by increased the shelf life to an extent.

The MBA students used an opportunity to market.

They came up with a business plan and was shared, to their Dean, and retailer.

A small market got set up within their campus by partnering with the retailer, as part of the initiative, the middle brokers got avoided,

The College staffs and students purchased the groceries and the vegetables from the market much below the market price. The part of the profit amount got used for the development of more such villages.

The group got the sponsors, for the program and students from B.ED conducted a skype based education with recorded sessions to the teachers and students at times along with the help of their alumni students and retired professors.

The Civil engineers from their group experimented and came up with a different structure for the building by changing the composition of the concrete mixtures, with some funds in place they were able to complete the project. 

To establish gender equality, students from psychology backgrounds and arts worked together they started conducting the street plays and puppet shows with a modified version of Epics, by highlighting, gender equality by quoting examples from epics.

The villagers and people who watched the program started to understand the importance of educating all the genders and started to say No to the child marriages.

For paraphrasing, the media students placed the posters in appropriate places like post office and schools.

Humanity students narrated the importance of knowing their rights by sharing the "Sahaas App" designed for gender safety in two languages they explained villagers once in a while during their NSS camp on the peace and security by referring to REF team’s freely available contents.

The student's group conducted the Smart Phone donation program.

Where the students donated their old working smartphones, they uploaded the course contents developed by the media. Media students produced content for the government syllabus with YouTube licensed videos.

To address the medical issues, they trained some of the volunteers from the village with the help of students, who were pursuing the nurse and MBBS. It subdued serious wounds with delayed medical attention, as the first aid saved much life.

With mechanical engineers working together, they designed a flexible van where they could change the seats into an ambulance, and the same could be used for the transportation of vegetables as well.

All these innovations they did as a project and claimed the patent.

The group became popular.

The students gained knowledge and started to produce, entrepreneurs.

The village once which was deteriorating, renamed as inventor’s village, where from agriculture to humanity there was a change.

Clarke was an ordinary person, but he played the role of catalyst in making a change.

When People with similar passion unites, the change will be born.

Share ideas by brainstorming, future in hands, of Ignited Minds.

You need not be a superman to make a change, be a dedicated Clarke with passion by being part of a league.

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