Amanpreet Singh

Abstract Fantasy


Amanpreet Singh

Abstract Fantasy

The Lasting Hope For Someone

The Lasting Hope For Someone

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I am sitting here all alone confined within the four walls of a room. I have been in the same state for over twenty-five years, no one to talk with, no one to share my feelings and even no one to see. There is not even a mirror to see how a human looks.

I don’t remember how I came here, who brought me here and what was the purpose. I just know, I am something alive who can think, see and hear. The walls and the door is so strong and sturdy that I tried to break them several times but every time my own hands got defeated.

Is this my dream or real life, I don’t know. I know only one thing even to survive in a dream food is indispensable, that I get every morning when I wake up. How the food comes to my side, who brings it for me, nobody knows. But yes, I get food without fail.

Time is just going by. How many years passed, can’t tell specifically, just a guess maybe over twenty-five years. When I found myself first time here, I was a small kid, but now I feel I am a grown-up woman.

Now I don’t want to be here. I want to see someone, I want to love someone, I want to touch someone, I want to hug someone, I want to hold someone’s hand, I want to feel the warmth of someone, but when that someone is going to arrive, nobody knows.

Once a black ant came to my room. I immediately went close to it. It was running frantically as if it was very hungry. I had never a dearth of food, perhaps I had nothing except food. I quickly took a piece of chapati and placed it before the ant. It immediately stuck to the chapati.

I felt so nice, the feeling was inexpressible as if the love was spontaneously sprouting from within me. I wanted to touch it, caress it, love it, but had I touched it would have run away at the very moment. So because of this fear, I didn’t touch it, but I didn’t spare it from my love even. I loved it with my eyes, I caressed its body with my soft glances. I patted it with the blink of my eyes.

I went on looking at it with my loving eyes. Out of uncontrollable love, I saw how it moved. After having food enough, the ant decided to move away. I could not see it departing from me. I had none other than an ant in my life. At first, the thought flashed in my mind to put this ant in a glass and cover it with a plate.

My hands without my notice caught a glass and a plate. But then again the second thought hit my mind, “Stupid girl, what are you doing? You want to imprison it as you are imprisoned by someone. As you will never know how and why you have been brought here, similarly this innocent life will suffer from the same fate!”

I threw the glass and the plate to the other side and my eyes welled up with tears. The ant kept on moving beneath the door never to return again. My eyes kept on looking at it until it disappeared before them. That day I realized, love is the need of a human, not a luxury.

When there is no one beside you, you can fall in love even with an ant. Now I was again alone in my room. I could see neither sun nor moon, but only their strong and soft light. Once it happened I got completely fed up from this silly, purposeless life. I shouted, screamed, yelled but none arrived.

I writhed in pain, I kept on lying for days together and shed tears a number of times, but to no avail. Then I got tired, my body gave way and I understood I had to live the same fate forever. I began to talk with my glasses, my plates and my couch.

My couch was my mom, in the lap of which I rested. My glasses and plates were my brothers and sisters with whom I played with some silly games.

One thing one must never forget, “Nothing is going to be the same forever.” Something was going to happen in my life too. On one fateful day, the door of my room was knocked. I shuddered. It never happened in my life. It was unbelievable. I could not believe my own years. It was as if the earth stopped rotating or the sun refused to come up in the sky or the rainbow lost all its colours.

The knocking was continuous at my door. I tried to speak, I failed. I realized I never spoke for years. Then again I tried and spoke slowly, “This door can’t be unlatched. I tried innumerable times, but it is fixed as if this door is magical.”

The strange voice came, “Try once more and it will be opened. Today it will be a very special day for you.” The smile came back to my face owing to the human voice I ever heard in my lifetime. Any type of voice could be strange for me because a new experience is always strange.

Many questions started exploding within my mind, “Who will he be? A man or a monster? A talking bird or a talking animal? Will he be just an illusion or reality?” Then I immediately put a full stop to my thoughts and decided, “Why not try it out?”

I put my hand on the latch and pushed to unlatch it and to my utmost surprise, it got unlatched! I could not believe what had happened. Laughter took hold of me. I could not help myself laughing. Tears of happiness and gaiety started flowing down my cheeks. The time had come, when I will be out of this imprisonment to see the world I never saw.

I gently opened the door. A tall, strong and sturdy man was standing outside with a smiling face. I felt extremely happy to see such a living creature before my eyes. I asked, “Are you a man? Are you a human? Are you a talking animal or a bird? I don’t know who are you, but I am really glad to see you here. Who told you about me?”

He replied very politely and very lovingly, “You are the first ever person who felt happy to see. It is really a great moment for me too.”

I asked, “Why so? Are you a bad creature?”

“No, I am not bad. You can hold my hand and feel me if I am bad or not.” He extended his hand forward.

I placed my hand on his hand and he gently pulled me out of the dark room forever. The bright light outside dazed my eyes. I had never experienced such an intense light. It was a wonderful experience though.

“I can not see anything.”

“Please calm down for a few moments. You are going to witness the most beautiful world.”

After some time, my eyes adjusted to its surroundings. The vision of beautiful trees, lush green grass, foggy clouds left me wonderstruck. People avid for paradise, I wish they can see the earth. The earth is really so beautiful in reality, but what is before our eyes we never adore. We always hanker for the unknown, and when we get we lose interest.

He snapped his fingers to get me out of my trance. He said in a very friendly way, “Please turn around and have a last look into your dark room.”

I turned. I saw a woman was lying dead in the dark room. It seemed as if she had been living there alone for a long time.

Out of surprise, I inquired, “Was she me?”

He answered with a smile, “No, people believed she was you, or you can say they will believe in the future.”

“Who are you?” I inquired with a very cool mind.

“An angel of death. People call me Yamraj in India.”

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