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Abinash Pani



Abinash Pani


The Last Promise Of Exam

The Last Promise Of Exam

5 mins

Questions were getting brushed by my pen, handwritings of mine were trying to fight with the paper and the pencil was just trying to make its presence by interrupting in every paragraph.

It was the last day of college, our last honors exam and the last day for enjoying the versatility of life.

Nuclear & Atomic physics paper it was.... & one of my favorites in physics. I was trying to make my each and every effort on that particular question, " cloud chamber". Very empathetyically I was trying to make those trajectory motioned particles to be inside the chamber but in reality, the actual motion of my mind was getting overwhelmed.

After finishing that question, I was waiting for my watch to symbolize 5 o'clock. It was twenty minutes more to pass that clock mark but I was very anxious to get away from the examination hall. My Writo-metre one was rolling between my fingers and calmly saying "I am done". I had left my mobile phone in my home but that was not my problem; something there in my mind was creating big anticipation for the whole affirmative world. Yes! I'm leaving this college.

My best friend Sushobhan was sitting four seats in front of me. Suddenly He looked back with an interrogative face and gestured me to have the patience for five more minutes. Actually, he was still writing his last question with the full-fledged remark of his knowledge. Sitting near the window, the only thing was to do "briefing the Physics department seminar hall balcony".

"This is my department... the only place where I started making my dream to become a believer of self. My first love, those chubby chicks of the girl were still remembering me the day of propose. That girl's face again made me blush but what about those betrayals? Once my Shreeman Sir told me "When life keeps its rotation with 360 degrees, then every small piece of that circle becomes straight line and people have to found those small straight lines. Through it, they should move on".

The pleasure is the only thing which makes humans the most adaptable guy in the world and it gets the virtue of satisfaction. But here my satisfaction was tending to change but the invigilator interrupted my dream and asked, "Oh! hello... Don't you want to pass in the examination?"

"Oh, sorry Sir ... take it", I said.

After giving the examination sheet, I just blinked to Sushobhan as a remark of "All good".

Out form, the examination hall and out form the world of properties of matter.

But where he is? Everyone was discussing their future planning after graduation. Some of the most intelligent students were discussing the same day beer party. Some of my friends forcefully took me to the Daaru party which was going on near the canteen. They offered me but I refused. Then Chittaranjan came and put color on my face saying " Holi hai........" I also enjoyed with them. Danced and took a chips packet and started eating. But my eyes were finding him only. His scooty was not at the stand. He promised me that we both will go on his scooty.

Coming out form the Chao, stood silently near the vehicle stand and the flashback took me to 1 September 2014. That was the first day of us in this college. I came to this college on riding pillion on his scooty. By tackling many problems of us we finalized our honors seat in our bachelor of science course. He took chemistry and me, physics. Streams of us again got change as like +2 but still, we are two separate bodies with the same soul.

Every moment of my presence in the college was subjected to him. Seniors started calling g us Stepney of the scooter. In every examination, we had a trend that he will come to my house as early as possible and picks me on his scooty. That trend was getting to be ended today but where he is? "He doesn’t drink, he might be waiting for fort someone? Did he face an accident? Oh Maa Chandi, save him”. Such thinkings were making me so panic about him.

I dusted out those amorphous colors from my head and came outside of the campus and looked at the wall clock of our college. It was at 6:30 pm. The summer evening was getting light darker and nothing was appearing so clearly in the dusty road of Chandi Chhak.

I returned with my half-opened shirt and sat down near the college pond. While sitting there I was trying to re-imagine that why I am waiting for him? Is my home very far from college? or the availability of public vehicles are insufficient in the city to reach there? In satisfying over self-answer I was throwing pebbles to the pond and finally, I got my answer that it is just because of the bound of you and Sushovan. But the sentence realized me when someone's hand tapped my shoulder.

I turned back and with a simple smile enlarged my face. It was Sushoan. "See… I kept our promise," he said.

There was no one to judge us neither on the same dau nor on the day of admission.

But yes, the promise, which we made while entering this college "The way we entered.... the same way we would leave". But that day of leaving college still making me so guilty because after that incident we never met each other.

Still, I say, "I don’t blame you for that leave but I blame myself for not being good enough after that. Only memories of us are making a contribution of reconstructing the hopes but not our footprints".

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