The Irony Of Life

The Irony Of Life

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Two months ago

“Why is the moon going everywhere we are going?”, I asked him. “Don’t ask stupid questions you intelligent girl”, he replied. The cool breeze hitting against my face forced me to keep my eyes closed. One can see nature with closed eyes as well and so I saw. A deserted road ahead. The trees passing by. The sound of rustling of leaves. The car going at a speed of hundred kilometre per hour. Lastly, the joy of going to have ice-cream, past midnight. To add a cherry on the top, your husband driving you to the destination. Life was at its best for me.

I could not help but smile and stare at him. What would I have done without him, thought I. Realizing that I have been looking at him for a long time he smiled devilishly and hid his face with one hand. His innocence was reflected in his eyes. I laughed. “Drive fast”, I demanded. “I need to have ice-cream now! Now! Now!” “Have patience, love.” Listening to me like a kid listens to his mother, he drove a bit faster. I was enjoying every bit of it. Sometimes there is an urge to just stop the moment. It was like that for me then. 

A strong flash of light came from the front. I could not open my eyes properly. Just then came a crashing sound. I tried to find his arms, which never fails to make me feel safe, but could not. In a second or two I lost control of everything. 

The next when I opened my eyes I was lying on a bed. By looking at the surroundings I could make out that it was a hospital’s ward. As I was trying to get up, I felt a sudden jerk in my head. It felt like someone was hammering a nail inside my head. I became unconscious again.

Two days later when I was in a better condition, the doctors told me that we had met with an accident. When I asked about him, they told me that he is still unconscious but there is nothing to worry about. I thanked god for none of us was injured gravely. I heaved a sigh of relief. I caressed my stomach. He was safe too.

I could not wait to get out of the hospital bed and go to him. It felt like months had passed since I last saw him since I last touched him since I last felt him. Finally, when I was able to stand on my feet properly, the truth was revealed, which made me stumble again. He was no more. My life had left me alone in this darkness, in this whole wide world, and gone. He suffered major injuries and was declared brought dead.

How can they be so cruel? How was I not told about this the first time I gained consciousness? Had I known earlier that there was nothing left for me in this world, I would not have fought to become better, to become alive again. I would have given up then and there and gone to where he has gone. I was devastated.

Just then I screamed due to the sudden pain in my stomach. I did not want this anymore. I fell on the ground. I could only think about the moments we both had shared, the bad ones, the good ones, and about the accident. Life was at its worst for me then.


A tear escaped from my eye. I missed him. Had I given up then, I would not have been seeing this day. Yes. This day. The baby lying in front of me was smiling. The same smile as his. The same innocence in the eyes. My love. How could I have actually given up my life when I was giving birth to another? God took away one of my life to give me a new one. It does not happen with everyone though, then why with me? I wondered. I remained unanswered and will always be. 

Lifting my baby up in my arms I could see his replica. What more could I have asked for after he was taken away from me? Life was at its best for me yet again.

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