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Spheres Of Life

Spheres Of Life

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I lay there motionless, yet, I was in motion. I smelled sulphur and hay. I could hear them talking about their next move. Jordan would be next. Then Oman and lastly, Egypt. Sudan and Morocco were already down, probably in ashes by now. 

I still remember how he had screamed at me to run. Run for life. I did catch the last glimpse, the worst of all, though. Smiling, looking towards me, he was dying. Dying of the pain he was suffering from the burns and cuts, all through his body. I could not even let out a sigh, for they might sense my presence among them. My limbs were aching, fighting me to stretch themselves. For the first time in life, I was totally helpless. I thought of him. 

I thought to myself about what could I do to help myself. I was not sure about how many men were out there, sitting. I felt a sudden jolt. They might have stopped. What for, I wondered.


Should I move out? Should I run away for my life or stay and save others’ lives? I could not decide. My head ached in confusion and anger and pain. I knew that half of their ammunitions were exhausted as they talked about it and that they would be needing more. I, was lying, rather hiding, in one of the wooden boxes they had kept their arms and ammunitions in. 

It was after lunch time. He rested there on the mattress. We had had a good meal after a long time. He looked at me and I looked at him. Even a mere thought of going away from him scared me. It was so stupid of me to have thought of such a thing then. Happiness surrounded me. I was doing the dishes when smoke had started coming in through the small window, carved out of the bricked wall. I tried to look out but could see nothing but smoke.

Unaware of the situation, I went to the get water from behind the hut. I came out, only to find everything in a ruckus. I searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. The smoke engulfed me. It all happened in such a haste, I could not prepare myself. I went out of the hut. There were men, some with swords, some with fired sticks. There was bloodshed. I fell down. Someone had grabbed me hard from the back. It was him. But in what state? Half burnt and bleeding profusely. I looked around to seek for help, when he shouted with all his might, “Run! Go away. Hide!” 

I did as he said. I ran, only to find shelter in a big wooden box kept in the enemies’ truck. I still remember the last glimpse I had caught. The worst of all. 

I closed my eyes and lay there. I waited, I don't know for what, though. Maybe for some help, or maybe for death. I could not think anything. Yet again, I was in motion, along with the others. At least, they had the liberty to breathe properly. I could not even do that. I felt weak. When I woke up, the smell of beer and smoke made me cringe. It was day time, for I could feel the light touch me giving me a little warmth, coming in from the openings at the side of the box. 

It was not long before the men got down and went on to fulfil their mission. I could hear the screams. It took all my courage to move out of the box. Out of sulphur and hay, and out of the darkness. 

There was no one in the truck. I wondered about what to do. It would be absurd on my part to move out in such a commotion. What I did was pick up a sword and stood there. Ready. Ready to face them. 

An hour passed. The screams only increased. I stood there, hidden by the large curtain that hung from the top of the truck. I could hear a man advancing, laughing all the way. The curtains were raised. He saw me. Our eyes met. He got up and almost ran towards me, but before he could do anything, I slit his throat. I do not know how I got such courage, but it helped me stay there and be more intent on saving my life. 

Only after a while, I could hear a number of men coming towards me. Had they got to know about me, about the alien in their world of drudgery and hatred? I didn't know. My eyes fell on the gun that lay on the floor. It belonged to one I had killed moments ago, probably. I picked it up. It was heavy. 

The men approached. I could sense their success and happiness. I saw a hand grab the curtain to pick it up, and started firing. It did not last long, for it was already used, but there were no more sound, except for the fire burning all around. 

I got down. Though there was sorrow and cries all around, I could feel happiness surrounding me once again. But it didn't last more than what seemed like a few seconds. 

The sword passed right through my stomach. I stood numb for a minute realizing what had just happened before turning around to see. Two men stood there with anger in their eyes. Maybe, I hadn't been brave and strong enough. Maybe, it was death that I had been awaiting. I fell on the ground. I didn't scream. I didn't cry. I only smiled, just like he was in his last minutes. I would soon meet him. 

My body lay there motionless while I started on my journey to him. 

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