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The Homecoming

The Homecoming

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In one of the villages down south canara, Kaarnaadu, there lived a happy family of Mr. Kamath. His was a joint family, his wife Taramma, a very good, cook, always managing the household very nicely. Their son, Siddhartha, was an ideal son to their parents. He was married off to a girl, Sarala, who was indeed a simple girl with the heart of gold.

As days passed by, the family grew bigger by the birth of their grandson, Shravan. The grandparents would always spend their time with Shravan telling him stories and playing with him. Shravan was very close to Mr. Kamath as he used to take him wherever he would go. Shravan was pampered by his grandmother, Taramma, who used to make sweet delicacies everyday as he used to like them.

Because Shravan used to hog on so much of sweets, he had stomach pain in the night one day. As he was crying in pain so badly, his father, Siddhartha, offered to go to the city in order to fetch medicine. However, Mr. Kamath said, he should stay back with his son who was in agony, and that he would rush to the city immediately and get the medicine for his grandson, Shravan. All the family members agreed upon that and Mr Kamath left to the city.

Time was ticking away. Taramma made homemade kashaya (medicine made of herbs) after drinking which, Shravan felt better and slept off. Taramma started worrying about the whereabouts of her husband, as it was already morning, and he had not turned up. She told her son, Siddhartha, to go the city and find out about him.

Siddhartha was worried too because his father was always on the active side and never complained of any illness. He searched everywhere in the city, but in vain. He finally lodged complaint and returned to his village, Kaarnaadu.

Taramma could not take this pain of her husband absconding all of a sudden and started praying for his safe return. Siddhartha too joined hands. Shravan was the most affected of all since he was very close to his grandfather. It took time for him to digest the fact that his grandfather would not return to his home as it had been years since his absconding.

He grew up to be a handsome man and was married off to a beautiful village girl, Belli. Taramma showered the same love and affection to his great grandson, Krishna. Sarala was a silent observer who used to manage the household efficiently with the help of her daughter in law, Belli.

Late night, Taramma woke up on hearing Krishna cry. Sarala also rushed towards Shravan and Belli's room. They both came out and told them that Krishna had bad colic pain. Shravan offered to go and get medicine in the night. His father, Siddhartha, said he would rather go and get the medicine, instead of Shravan.

Taramma was reminded of the similar incident that had happened years ago which had lead to the absconding of her husband. She did not let anyone go outside the house. She instructed Sarala to prepare the kashaya and feed Krishna, which she did in anticipation that the colicky pain of Krishna would subside.

 Unfortunately, the kashaya didn't work. Krishna started crying furiously out of pain. Not able to take that, Siddhartha got up and walked towards the door. Sarala pleaded him not to go out and told him that she did not want to lose him like how she had lost her father in law, Mr Kamath, long back. Siddhartha was feeling helpless. Shravan could not take it when he heard Krishna cry non-stop. Krishna took to the ground and started crying loudly in pain. The entire family became silent observers, watching Krishna in pain.

The door bell rang, Shravan, opened the door and saw an old man coming in with a bottle of medicine. He kept it in Shravan's hand and told him to give it to the baby.

Shravan rushed to his wife Belli, and gave Krishna, the medicine, which worked like a miracle. Siddhartha could not believe his eyes. It was his father. He dragged Taramma in front of Mr Kamath, and she just couldn't take the shock and fell down on his feet seeing which Shravan came running towards her. She got up with his help and told him that the old person who gave him medicine was his grandfather. Shravan's joy knew no bounds. He just hugged his grandfather tightly.

Mr Kamath called out for his wife, Taramma, and told her to give him some food as he was hungry. Taramma made the best food that she could and served Mr Kamath. On having the sumptuous meal, Mr Kamath said he wanted to sleep. There were very many questions in everyone's mind, which went unanswered when Taramma signalled them not to ask. Mr Kamath slept off peacefully.

Taramma along with her family members offered their gratitude to the lord on Mr Kamath's home coming and promised each other not to question his past.

Shravan woke his grandfather in the morning and told him to take care of Krishna and left to work.

Mr Kamarh lived happily ever after, taking care of his great-grandson, Krishna..........

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