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saravanan Periannan

Drama Action Thriller

The Game of Three chapter 2

The Game of Three chapter 2

4 mins

Read the game of three chapter 1 before reading the game of three chapter 2.

The Simapuri king Arjunan was thinking hard and called his friend Vishwa to ask how our spies were killed.

Vishwa's mind got the shock and was traveling back to the present to think about his friend's question.

Vishwa asked are they our spies and not the spies appointed by Vishalan

Arjunan smiled and said Vishalan is the person who doesn't know much about the diplomacy and his commander in chief of army Adithyan is the guy who we shouldn't play with.

He implanted a spy in Durya palace but I tried hard to make that one guy in those 20 accept the offer.

But that nardev's brain is the bundle of nerves with flesh like us but his thinking both on before and after events help Durya win always.

So this marriage alliance with garudapuri is going to bring the vast kingdoms associated with them as friends and relatives and their subordinates will make us win that Durya.

Vishwa saw the emotion of revenge on Arjunan's face and left the place.

While in gajapuri,durya was making walk along the forest. He sees a child sitting on the bark of the tree and throwing stones into the lake nearby.

Durya calls him and ask what is your name and the boy replies Durya roughly and Durya ask did you call me or said your name. The boy says the name was given to me by my father. Durya asked who is his father,the boy replies he worked in your army and was killed in that war.

Durya puts his face down and then slowly lifted his face filled with remorse and the boy asks him the question to hold your pride and get your revenge why the people need to suffer for long time by losing their loved ones.

Durya asks the boy to take him to his house and Durya stands still while the boy calls his mother and she looks at Durya and in fear steps back but Durya calls her sister do not step back ,your brother has come her to see you and your child.

She goes and hugs him and calls him my brother and cries.

Durya goes to his place and calls the people to assemble for an important announcement.

Durya says that the people of army who suffered , lost their life and the government will take care of your family.

I am here as your brother, son and as a part of your family.

The people's voice out long live Durya and he bows down before them.

Meanwhile, the princess of Simapuri Ilakiavathi bows down before her father Arjunan and he blesses her long live my child and she leaves for the temple.

She prays to the god that she should meet her love of life soon and closes her eyes.

In Garudapuri, the traitor who burnt his own son's life waits near the pond and he sees Adithyan rushing towards him and says that his son is caught and his flaps were burnt by someone.

Traitor takes his sword and goes to stab Adithyan but an arrow comes from the other side of pond.

The prince of Garudapuri Narashima stands there holding his bow.

Narashima says your doubt was  correct commander in chief and this traitor has made us weak these many days.

Adithyan says it's time to attack and says some secret to Narashima and he agrees to it.

They prepare an army to capture the secret army of Durya and a soldier rushes to inform that Vishalan called the prince to inform something.

When they enter the palace , Vishalan greets his son and he touches his father's feet 

Vishalan says, son your engagement is arranged with the princess of Simapuri but Narashima tried to say something but stops.

Adithyan informs the king that the traitor had been killed but we will be facing the danger soon.

The soldier says a large army of Durya Marches towards our fort and it will reach here less than the week.

Vishalan sits on his throne imagining the face that shows the valour of Ravanan.

He saw the war that happens year back and that king who devasted many kingdoms.

When Adithyan asks the king what happened, the king replies that Veerabhadra's blood is going to create havoc and faints.

To be continued as 

The game of three chapter 3 

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