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The Do Gooder

The Do Gooder

3 mins

Sulabh was running late today, he had just moved to a new apartment close to his college and it was his first day this semester. He had hoped to put everything in place during his break but his miscalculation on the part of landlord handing over the place had led to utter chaos. He slept at his friend’s place for a week before he finally got the keys and now everything was a mess.

He knew that generally, Canada was a very friendly place and his landlord tried his best to give him access at the earliest but he couldn’t help but imagine more malevolent reasons behind his ordeal. His bus stop was just two blocks away and a direct bus to campus was due in 10 minutes. He was walking towards it hurriedly. He was too harried to notice the bright blue sky, clear of cloud, or the nice chilly breeze of a fresh spring morning. His heart throbbed in his throat as he paced down the sidewalk.

He was suddenly flustered on the realization that there wasn’t any change in his pockets as the bus door shut behind him. All he had was a fifty-dollar bill in his bag for a new book and lunch. He knew well, that here, exact change was required in the bus and without it, the driver would drop him off at the next stop; or he may have to give up his entire fifty dollars to make it to class on time. He looked around desperately, too embarrassed to ask for help when suddenly he heard a clunk and saw a tooney being dropped in the farebox. A guy was smiling at him.

“Don’t worry, I got it.” He said politely.

Sulabh was not used to such random acts. He was suspicious about how he may have to repay him.

“Would you have some change for a fifty?” Sulabh looked at him cautiously and dutifully asked.

“You’re welcome, Buddy!” He just smiled and walked away.

Sulabh was confused; it took him a few seconds to recollect himself. He moved to the back of the bus looking for the gentlemen, he was curious now. This man was in his mid-twenties and wore worn-out clothes, even his shoes had holes. Not someone who could afford to give away two dollars just like that.

“Hi, Thank You!” He said with a big grin across his face. “I have to ask, why… Are you in TSU as well?”

“No friend, I am just heading to my grandparent’s place.” He could sense the confusion on Sulabh’s face, so he continued. “You ain't from around here, yea? It’s nothing. I actually lost my phone yesterday and someone in the morning came to me to give it back, so I am just paying it forward.”

“Thanks.” Is all Sulabh could say as the man got off the bus before any further discourse.

The rest of his day was as expected with nothing unusual but he kept looking for an opportunity to do his bit but eventually, the day consumed him.

In about a week he forgot all about it.

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